Wiresetc said:
A Crowd Of Rebellion made a masterpiece. 2 weeks ago the new album was released. This new music video is for the last and first song of the album: The Testament / Prologue -Insomnia-. It is such an emotional story about life and death, even though its a music video.
Anyone got recommended music videos with good story?
First time listening to the song wires. I plan to dw it somehow it’s good. And I liked the part where he prevented the girl from getting stabbed.

Can’t think of a video, but I’ve been digging (and been vocal) about this band here. No music vids but i think you might like these lol

But anygüeys… OMFG THIS IS A BOP
Folk Rock, a medieval forest setting, with some nice animal imagery Kalevala - Nagryanuli - Descended

GREEN CLOUDS - Trance Celtica

Diane Arkenstone " Rhythm of the Forest "
- Wondering if she is related to David Arkenstone?
Hail the Sun - Morning Sickness

This is literally, laughably, blatantly, for all intents and purposes Circa Survive.
Sometimes I feel Like Screaming

Deep Purple with The London Symphony Orchestra, featuring Steve Morse playing arguably one of the most beautiful lead guitar pieces I have ever heard!!!
Long Haired Country Boy - The Charlie Daniels Band

The most true-to-life country song I have ever heard.

Cade said:
Hail the Sun - Morning Sickness

This is literally, laughably, blatantly, for all intents and purposes Circa Survive.
He sounds a lot like Anthony, but it's still not quite as pretty.

Then again, maybe I'm biased. :p
It's not just the vocals, even the structure of the song is stylistically Circa.

But still.

It's like people who swear by a certain product even though they can find something just as good somewhere else. I'll always be inclined to like Circa Survive more than anything else that sounds like them.

Speaking of which, I still need to listen to both of those albums. I've been putting it off forever.
The Future - Leonard Cohen


The apocalypse as told by Satan, warning pretty disturbing, but one of my favorite songs!

According to Saint Johns Revelation, in the end times God is going to murder millions, who is right? In my opinion neither of them! In mythology both God and Satan are evil little fucks.

This supposedly apocalypse won't happen in our life time, it will only happen when our sun burns out. The message Cohen is conveying is the bible only exists to scare the shit out of us LOL
Thank you so much Kiiho, this brings back so many memories for me ... anther brilliant song!!
I think Anthony Green has officially surpassed Cedric Bixler-Zavala as being my all time favorite singer.

His voice is just so pure and beautiful. It's one of those singing voices that hits you deep down. It's very light and feminine at times.
Falling In Reverse - Losing My Life

It has an interesting combination of music styles
When there's a band who has someone for "clean vocals" and someone for "unclean vocals" does that basically translate to "this guy is singing nicely and normally, and this other guy is screaming his head off"?
It really depends of the band and the type of vocals, for example in death metal vocalists have to practice constantly in order to not fuck their vocal chords, and some groups like to mix clean vocals with death growls, something like Insomnium or Dark Tranquility

You have other examples like Stravaganzza (Spanish metal), who tend to include really high pitched vocals mixed with low pitched vocals and a mix between screams and actual singing in their songs
For most of my life I've lived near the sea, this beautiful song sums it up perfectly for me:

The Sea - Morcheeba

"Left my soul here down by the sea
I lost control here, living free"
My favorite song of the sea - Bound for Infinity
Amerie - 1 Thing

I can't beleive i forgot this song omg
Tensa said:
I just found a channel hosting some good songs I can get into.
Uuuu dancy. I like those. Sounds fun to bop to in the car

And *sigh*…in my music app I was digging through songs, and some songs I haven’t heard in a while (since I got over 1000 songs literlly) and found one that describes my situation word. For. Word. I was left shocked and can’t stop missing him.

Is this one: Mariah Carey - Breakdown (feat. Bone-Thugs-n-Harmony)
Did not expect myself to like this as it is not my cup of tea, but it is just good music. Besides that the backgrounds are nice too. Especially like the last one you posted, thanks for sharing.