Stop double posting so often in here boi.
I did indeed find that to be strangely enjoyable. :3
This was totally hilarious. It made my day a lot better, thank you for sharing.
So many good memories with that song. Can listen to it anytime of the day.

So Cold
I found a really cool YouTube channel that plays Chinese pop music 24/7.


I really like Chinese pop. More so than K-Pop or J-Pop. Dunno why.

Here is something for you, Emmy. Very Chinese.
Tensa said:
Here is something for you, Emmy. Very Chinese.
I did indeed like that.

They just have such pretty voices. And I have a weird thing about enjoying the way spoken Chinese sounds. It sounds weird to me, almost comical. But in a....pretty way.

Like Chinese opera singing: that stuff sounds kinda awful but gorgeous at the same time!
To put it into perspective: the song is about an asshole boyfriend who's going at it with another girl, even in front of her.

More Otava yo, but without the special humor. Kiho, what the hell does Sumetskaya mean?
Say Anything - Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too

Those were better times. When Fuse used to be a good channel.
Tensa said:
Kiho, what the hell does Sumetskaya mean?
looks like a possessive form of the name Sumet.
For example - Пушкинская улица:
Pushkinskaya ulitsa - Pushkin's street | Sumetskaya ulitsa - Sumet's street.
Ulitsa?! So that's where the Romanian word (uliță) for a narrow village street came from....

And thanks.

I am life and death (have I posted this before...? Eh, whatever, it's still one of my favorite songs.)
Pretty sure you've all listened to it already, but Rammstein's new hit is sick.
I've been compiling the ultimate list of all my favorite songs. It's been pretty fun trying to remember everything and sort of reminiscing about stuff.

Some of the songs have been popping in to my head out of the ether. Songs I haven't thought about in years. Which is super helpful, what with the list I'm trying to make and all. That's what happened today. So here's Do You Realize by The Flaming Lips.
I saw a thing on TV years ago from back when he was still in prison. They (the corrections officers) were showing the cameras arts and crafts Charlie had made in his cell. They talked about how they would have to confiscate it and throw it all away. I've always thought that was kinda sad.

Some months ago there was a TV show doing a piece about local history in our area. They were interviewing a dude probably in his 80s. Salt of the Earth Carolina boy. He said he did some moonshinin' with Charles Manson back in the day. Charlie slept in the same room with him. The fella said he was a nice guy, and besides that was pretty quiet and kept to himself.

I love little stories like that.
Wiresetc said:
Don Joewon Song
I remember that. Good one.

Expresses my feelings about having my own opinion in this day and age. It's in German, but it has English lyrics. It's been one of my favorite go-to songs for a long time now (I particularly like the nightcore version because it has a more upbeat tone). Of course, the song is Unheilig - Hexenjagd.
My favorite YouTube songs are still "Diggy Diggy Hole" (Yogscast) and "Big Girl" (Sips). Those will always be good.

Anyway, here's "My Machines" by Battles featuring Gary Numan on vocals.