I guess I'll add the common line of I don't care. I never said "Anyone who fits into these categories are mine over whoever else has claimed them." As I said it was a broad scale. So it's not like I'm "zomg I claim all blondes" it's more like I'll claim blondes but not blondes that are already taken. Examples include Yami, Tsukiumi, Cindy (from Ika Musume), and Excellen (from Super Robot Wars).

Also, I don't know much about Fate/Extra except for like Sabers other outfit so I didn't really know about Caster's different look. So it also implies I don't claim characters (with possible changes) that I don't know about. Besides it's more Rin that I would want than Caster, but w/e thats claimed already. Plus saying your wives can kill anyone easily isn't very threatening to be honest. It's a solid fact they can I do agree.

This has been your clearing of a possible misunderstanding and do hope it will not happen again in the future, as asking such things like further details would result as such.