otaku_emmy said:
I changed Bilan Hangxian to Azur Lane, since that's the actual name of the game and it's also the same tag Danbooru and Gelbooru use.
Oh, they changed it to azur_lane? Still was bilan_hangxian a week ago.
azur_lane is easier to use (and to remember) so why not.

Edit: Well, they didn't changed it, but they're still mistagging post as either azur_lane or bilan_hangxian.
But even the official logo of the game says "Azur Lane" on it. And all the art people make on Pixiv says "Azur Lane". And when you Google "Bilan Hangxian" the first result is the "Azur Lane" English game wiki.

So I think it should definitely be "Azur Lane".
It's okay to create a tag for newtype magazine? already exists for the nyantype and megami.
I think it's fine, so long as there's enough posts to warrant its use.