vgadict said:

Based on the fact there's a special tag just for this game, does that imply that pics from every ero-game released over the past decade also have their own unique tags? If so, that seems like it would lead to a tremendous amount of tag proliferation over time. If not, then why does this specific game merit having it's own tag?
This in itself prove that you don't actually understand how the tagging system works.
Read this, it should answers all of yours questions.
Everything, if it comes from a specific game, anime, visual novel, manga, YouTube channel, printed novel, etc. gets its own copyright tag. That's...what tagging is for.
If there's a copyright, there's a tag.

If there's a character, there's a tag.

If there's an artist, there's a tag.

If there's a visual detail, well better BUCK UP because there's no such thing as special tags here!
Sorry but i'm looking to post images from the game Mirror by Sakura Games however there isn't a tag on it yet and i do not know on how to proceed, i'd appreciate it if someone was kind enough to point me at a direction, is it considered a General Tag if it corresponds to a Copyright? (P.S. i did read the Help: Tags and i'm still lost so please refrain from sending me to read it again and instead explain simply :3 thank you!)
If you don't know how to create copyright, artist or character tags, just type the character names, artist names and copyright (name of the game) into the edit tags window and someone will convert them from general tags to the appropriate type for you.
Thanks a lot for the help :3
Kiho said:
If you don't know how to create copyright, artist or character tags, just type the character names, artist names and copyright (name of the game) into the edit tags window and someone will convert them from general tags to the appropriate type for you.
...Or they could do it right the first time and save someone else the extra work.

To make a new character, copyright, or artist tag, do the following:

For a copyright tag, type "copy:" and then the name of the property. The word "copy", a colon, no space, and then the title.

For a character tag, you do the same but type "char:" instead.

For an artist tag, you do the same but type "artist:"

And please do not create a new artist tag if the artist already has a tag on here.
Thank you very much, ill keep that in mind, sorry for any trouble i might have caused.
Nah, you didn't do anything. Kiho kinda just gave a non answer.
If someone cannot figure out how to set the type of a tag from the help, it is probably better that they don't try. There is also the tag conflict with the name of the game <mirror> with the general tag mirror. It would be better if someone already familiar with tag etiquette and creation handled this as the copyright would be mirror_(game).

There are no images referencing the game Mirror, as far as I was able to ascertain from the image boards to which I have access, although I did see references to it on steam.
True, it's better that they let someone else handle it just in case. But to tell someone just to make seemingly random new general tags instead of telling them how to do it properly seems a bit...counterintuitive.

I fixed the tag for him. I used Google to do so. That wasn't a problem. He just didn't understand that the company name didn't need to precede the title of the game.

As for characters I have to rely purely on the uploaders knowledge, since Mirror is a Western eroge sold on Steam, and it doesn't have an entry in VNDB.
Am i doing alright not messing up the tag system when creating new characters so far? It would be just the char:(name of character), then the tag would be created for it to be used correct?
that is correct, you only need to typecast the character name the first time you add a new character tag with the prefix char:. The same goes for artist tags (artist:) and copyright tags (copy:).

It is important that the tag is not already in use, such as the general tag mirror, you don't want to change the type of and existing tag.
So it turns out there was a brief conversation on page 59 of this thread culminating in Alaron approving of the tagging of monocles as glasses (with support from Emiri-san and no objections or alternative proposals from anyone else). I was totally unaware of this, or at least, I had forgotten...

Just thought I'd remind everyone else about that too. There's still no wiki page for the glasses tag so it might not be clear to some that that's the current policy.
Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. See I didn't remember that AT ALL.

I'll keep that in mind from now on.
Regarding the discussion of the watermark tag on post #272442:

If an artist or the circle/studio he works for adds a watermark crediting the circle/studio while not naming the artist himself, that's still a watermark added to credit the owners/creators of the image. I don't see why we wouldn't add the watermark tag given our current wiki definition for it.

The old forum post of mine that was dug up was addressing the grey area between a watermark and other image text or graphical elements. The post I made prior to that one gives it much more context.

For example, post #249707 contains four lines of text, a small square graphic, and a few white lines. I certainly wouldn't call the text or lines at the bottom a watermark. The top left possibly, but assuming it's provided not to credit anyone but rather to name specific Pixiv Fantasia properties, I wouldn't really think of it as a watermark.

However, it was the text in a number of other pixiv fantasia posts that brought up that discussion. Text that's stylized and placed well so that it actually looks like it's part of the presentation is fine. But a long line of text in a very plain font that was just stuck in the corner of an image without any concern for aesthetics will probably look like a watermark no mater what it says. As there were only very rare cases of a watermark not crediting or copyrighting the image, it was simplest just to ignore those rare exceptions to the definition we had.

Personally, the only common use I can think of for a tag like "watermark" would be to exclude images with watermarks from a search. Many people prefer not to have a string of text or other unnatural element detracting from the beauty of a wallpaper.

However, many of the artists who's works we host do very well at incorporating their watermark into the presentation. In such cases, while I would still consider them watermarks since they are still out of context for the image, I generally don't feel they detract at all from the image. So unless one is willing to have such posts excluded from a set of search results, the tag seems rather useless...
Are there any objections to me retagging suomi_(girls_frontline) as suomi_kp31_(girls_frontline)? It would not only increase booru synchronization (Dan, San, Yan, and Gel all use the extended name), but it would also be more in accordance with how the rest of our girls_frontline character tags are structured (the vast majority of them use the gun's extended name).

Edit: This is probably the kind of tag modification that wouldn't be problematic for me to just perform unilaterally without discussing first, but I've already posted this, so...
Kinda late, but I'm fine with it. It makes more sense.