BattlequeenYume said:
Artisttag k-doku to mushpz?
k-doku is the correct tag. Don't worry about what the Pixiv page says. (We have countless artist tags that differ from what's actually on their Pixiv pages or Twitter accounts; it doesn't necessarily make them wrong.)
Are dragons animals?
otaku_emmy said:
Are dragons animals?
They are magical creatures, some of which can change into a human form, so I would not imply animal.
Okay, thanks.

That's basically what I was thinking too.
... Emmy, it seems you misunderstood what Kiho meant. Kiho had simply misunderstood what had taken place.

Kiho said:
If seifuku was inaccurate because of misunderstanding the term, we could have changed it to sailor_uniform for example, rather than obliterating all the accumulated tag data by lumping it into school_uniform. It would not have taken that much effort to clean the tag data from a pool of 1200, if the task was distributed to several active members. I for one, would have helped. School_uniform comprises a pool of 22,000 images.
Kiho was under the impression that there were only 1200 posts tagged seifuku and that you just obliterated the tag by aliasing it to a more general tag with 22000 images. An example would be if you were to alias bird to animal thus eliminating the bird tag.

When you brought this up on Discord, you mentioned that you had "just deleted the alias for "school_uniform" to "seifuku"" and therefore all you were doing was changing the direction of the alias.

I just confirmed that from the history as well:
The alias removed the seifuku tag from exactly 21705 posts, adding school_uniform to all 21705 of those posts. There are currently 21776 posts tagged school_uniform and 76 of those were tagged after the alias was introduced. That leaves a discrepancy of 5 posts which were probably uploaded before the alias was made, but deleted after.

Simply put, there were no posts tagged school_uniform because that was an alias up until now. All you effectively did was change a tag name.
I didn't even fully understand that until you just spelled it out Kiho, so thank you for that.

He kept mentioning the elbow_gloves thing too, but that didn't make sense to me either since it'll still only show you posts with actual elbow length gloves in them. But that's beside the point.

Anyway, I am incredibly tired. So much so that I can't see straight. So am schleep now.
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The artists pinb and kabako are the same.
BattlequeenYume said:
The artists pinb and kabako are the same.
No they're not.
Ah you changed the tag from one of the images from kabako to pinb.
Now that's fits. That was the reason for the tought of the same artist thing.
Yeah, two of 'em were just tagged wrong.
How about kasu_(return) to komeshiro_kasu ?
I can change it. I just haven't wanted to. :p
I read this on

An anime television series, directed by Makoto Bessho, written by Hiroshi Ōnogi and featuring character designs by Range Murata and animation character designs by Kumi Ishii, premiered in Japan on April 6, 2009.

So did range_murata design the anime characters for Shangri-La or not? And should we tag images from the anime with range_murata or ishii_kumi?

It is clear that these images such as post #68120 is clearly in the style of range_murata
We never tag the character designer. Only the artist and circle/studio.
Two tags for one artist: wenqing_yan and wenqing_yan_(yuumei_art)
BattlequeenYume said:
Two tags for one artist: wenqing_yan and wenqing_yan_(yuumei_art)
I think it would be best to keep wenqing_yan_(yuumei_art).
BattlequeenYume said:
Two tags for one artist: wenqing_yan and wenqing_yan_(yuumei_art)
There's nothing tagged with wenqing_yan, so it's a moot point.
I want to remove the use of trap from tags. It's become somthing of a derogitory term and is not suitable as a tag anymore.

We can either use otoko_no_ko, which is where danbooru went when they opted to remove it, or seek a more gender neutral tag.

Note that this update may show some posts that would otherwise be blacklist until lists are updated.
SciFi said:
I want to remove the use of trap from tags.
Would it be possible to make otoko_no_ko the main tag with trap's search results showing posts with the otoko_no_ko tag? Trap may be derogatory but it's a lot more well known than a relatively new Japanese play on words.
I remember having this exact convo before...

While I don't agree with the logic behind making a word in to something it's not just to please certain people, I'm at a point where I don't care if we change the tag.

What about "femboy"? Or is that a bad word too?
Why be PC here? a wallpaper anime site, because the term bother a minority IRL who should not even visit the site?, trap it's ok, I mean, surely most don't mind having the tag trap here or feel offended for having it, but if it changes because it offends some, otoko no ko looks better.
otaku_emmy said:
... making a word in to something it's not...
My exposure to the term "trap" is limited to Japanese media, so of course it's synonymous with Otoko no ko (男の娘, not 男の子). Given the nature of this site, even if we keep the tag as "trap", I would want it to be defined as 男の娘 (which I believe is how it is being used here).

I have no idea how it's used in the US, so I have no idea how reasonable it may be to want to change it.

I would want to avoid changing it because of it's use in blacklists. Although it wouldn't be impossible to update all the blacklists, it would be a slow operation on a large database and may even need to be split into multiple queries to avoid downtime or timeouts.
So...can we just keep it then? Because I don't think it's offensive in the slightest.

People using a word the wrong way doesn't make it a slur. It makes those people stupid. And people being offended by the word doesn't make it a slur either. It just means they're getting upset over something that shouldn't matter. Because "traps" are not real people. 2D characters don't need defending. Because they don't exist.

Edit: I am a member of the LGBTQ+ community, and I am alllllllllllll for trans rights and trans people being recognized.

But traps are not trans, and trans persons are not traps.

Edit 2: And considering the content and demographic Konachan specifically caters to, I don't think there's a high likelihood of any users getting that upset over the current verbage either.

Hell, the only time I saw anyone get TRULY upset and actually leave the site was when Animeticklesmytoes got pissy about someone - me, I think - uploading a femboy pic. But that was because it wasn't as heteronormative as he preferred.
otaku_emmy said:
People using a word the wrong way doesn't make it a slur. It makes those people stupid.
There's not really a "wrong" way when it comes to the common use of slang or other informal language. The meaning and implication of such words and phrases can vary greatly between various communities or contextual uses and can change over time.

Given the context of the content on this site, there's absolutely nothing wrong with the current tag. But if it's use in other areas has given it such an unpleasant association as to lead a significant portion of this community to want to change the tag, then a change could be warranted.

I really doubt it's that big a problem though, so I'm for keeping the tag as is.
The Tag trap accurately reflects how trap characters are primarily portrayed in most anime that I am aware of, especially in hentai, it is not that these characters are actually "gender confused".

I would not be against using the actual Japanese phrase, Otoko_no_ko... not for the reasons stated above, but rather to show respect for the Japanese anime culture. I would prefer we used the Japanese phrases such as seifuku, megane, shimapan etc with the English words aliased to the Japanese phrases.
So consensus seems to be us keeping the tag. Great.

As for Kiho's other point(s) I prefer using English words for the sake of hand-holding simplicity. Yes, we're not as descriptive with our tags as some sites but I think our tags are still more than sufficient.
Kiho said:
I would prefer we used the Japanese phrases such as seifuku, megane, shimapan etc with the English words aliased to the Japanese phrases.
In many cases, I do prefer the Japanese words. But I don't necessarily agree we should prioritize using them for general tags. Imagine translating all of our general tags to Japanese. Most of our members probably wouldn't understand most of them.

If it's just a few of the more common ones, that's fine. But deciding which to do that for could be problematic.

And in this case, most people would read "Otoko no ko" and think 男の子. That's something you'd learn early on whereas 男の娘 doesn't come up very often. Since either tag would be ambiguous, I think it makes more sense to just use trap. We can also update the wiki with an explanation of 男の娘 an clarify that this is what the tag is for (rather than any meaning the word may have acquired outside of the Japanese anime communities).