It's different if you hug someone as a friend our cuddle with your partner on a sofa. That's why I tagged it differently. The innocence doesn't matter. Shoujo-ai itself is innocent.
I definitely think the Love Live! one counts as shoujo_ai. That type of cuddling isn't something typically seen in hetero friendships (though I think more people should do platonic cuddles).
momo_moyon and sakura_moyon are the same artist I don't know which one should be used, or maybe I shouldn't be guided by
Nepcoheart said:
Or maybe I shouldn't be guided by
From what I've heard, you shouldn't.
otaku_emmy said:
We should probably do like Yandere did and make Niliu Chahui a circle tag instead of an artist tag. Since it's not really an artist.
Makes sense.

Though, you mentioned before that he has an OC. Then, does he have any works of his own? If so, we'll want both a circle tag and an artist tag.
Zolxys said:
Makes sense.

Though, you mentioned before that he has an OC. Then, does he have any works of his own? If so, we'll want both a circle tag and an artist tag.
I can't tell which is something he's actually drawn though. And I don't think there is a reliable way to differentiate them. Therein lies the problem. I don't know what is his art, and which is something drawn for him. We've been tagging different styles of art as being drawn by him because no one's been able to pinpoint specific artists besides jyt and bai_yemeng. But several posts tagged with his name are clearly by other artists.

post #283519, post #297579, and post #295546 for example are nothing at all alike to me.

The main issue continues to be the fact that the actual artists are never credited.
Then I would make the current tag the circle tag. Also, be sure to tag the actual artist whenever your certain it's correct.

If we ever do get enough information to determine that he drew a specific work himself, we would create a different tag for him as an artist.

*Edit: And a wiki page should be added for the circle tag for clarification, since this isn't a typical circle.
otaku_emmy said:
I'm just saying that, when I put "tiger" in to Google translate, it comes out "holang-i".

What you're saying is that's wrong too.
Google translate can be a really useful tool, but I'd suggest not relying on it too much when it comes to romanization.

I look up a lot of Japanese words and have found that while Google translate's romanization is usually correct, it often isn't...

For example:
性具: Google translate gives me Shōgu and translates it as "Sex". But gives me the correct reading ( せいぐ / Seigu) and the correct definition.

公安六課 (Kouan rokka): Google translate won't give you romanization for that because it suggests you translate from Chinese. Though you can easily deal with that in this case adding です(desu). 公安六課です gives you "Kōan roku-kadesu"... Well, at least the translation is right.

重力の元: Even after typing up the entire sentence this was in, Google translate still gave me "gen" for 元. Certainly, "gen" is one reading of 元, but that wouldn't make sense in that context. Gensho could make sense, but that uses different kanji (原初). But gives you both readings along with their definitions and places the most common definition first. And it's obvious that もと (moto) is correct in this case.
I wasn't trying to read that much in to it. I was just saying that they BOTH (her name and the copyright title) had to either be L OR R. :p

I super admire that you're willing to get so deep in to stuff for Konachan though. That's why you'll always be my favorite Mod.

However, I have noticed that Danbooru will sometimes use Engrish or switch up Ls and Rs for different artist tags, copyright tags, and character tags. That's another of the points I was trying to make.
The examples I gave above are just a few things I came across in a VN recently.

I don't plan to get all that deep into Korean or Chinese romanization, though. But looking that up wasn't all that difficult. Trying to find info on that character and series was more difficult.

Oh btw, it doesn't look like this applies to Korean but there are languages that change the pronunciation of words based on context or position in a sentence. In some languages this results in a different spelling and in others it doesn't.
Could be possible create the multicolored_hair tag? for a characters like this it's impossible to use a single color and it would be chaotic to add all of them
I just don't add anything in those cases.
hmm ok easier even hahaha
I do the same thing when a girl has hair that's not long but also not short. I just don't tag either.
Now that you mention it, I usually complicate myself by weighing a lot when that happens to me
We have two tags for one character:



Yeah, we don't use one of them. Whichever had the majority of posts is the correct one.
Yes, and I always choose the wrong one first xD
That is what aliases are for :)

sawamura_eriri_spencer is now aliased to sawamura_spencer_eriri.
Suggest aliasing masturbation to onanism
It seems to me that you were just joking. But since I'm not sure, I'll answer seriously.

I'm strongly against it. It's a far less common word and covers a wider range of activities for which I'm fairly sure we don't want tagged with the same tag. The only advantage I see in using it would be it's similarity to オナニー (due to their etymology).
Please forgive my transgression, the suggestion was just a little inappropriate humor to break the monotony of the city wide corvid quarantine.....