Which AV packages fully support those browsers? The big AV companies support Microsoft, Firefox and Google Chrome - just checked Norton and Kaspersky. Many of the other browsers don't have full support or current support. Getting caught out can be really unpleasant. Just ask the DNC or the Clinton Campaign - lol
I believe PaleMoon is treated by many AVs as Firefox. You can always install an add-on to integrate your AV to PaleMoon, for example Fireclam.

There are a couple of link checkers for Opera, but no integration. You have to set-up your AV to scan downloads automatically.
Support? Any good AV package should be able to protect your computer without having to support your browser. In fact, most AV browser "support" is stuff like this.

The only real issues are tracking, spying scripts, spoofing sites, and security flaws in the browser. And the threat from these can be managed through proper considerations and common sense.
Ayye if ur finding a anti virus software u NEED MalWarebytes. It's the best
@Zolxys Yeah, I completely agree. I get rid of these things immediately. If I download something funny the AV finds it anyways, so what's the point. I use uMatrix, so there's no funny business with website scripts either.
I am in the market for a new laptop (mine ancient IBM T60 is dying - becoming very thermally sensitive) So, not having been in the market for a while....

Are there any brands that should be avoided, (unreliable or shitty service), any new must have features?

  • My basic requirements are:
    • portable (not luggable my current unit is 28x31cm ~11x12 inches)
    • super thin does not earn any points.
    • Intel processor, preferably Core i5, but will settle for Core i3 if the feature set is better.
    • MS Windows compatible, but should be able to dual boot to Linux Ubuntu.
    • Whatever version of windows it comes with, I will be installing Win7

My current laptop has an express card slot, so even though my computer is old, I still have the ability to use USB 3.0, USB Type C, eSata and support for all the SD card standards. Unfortunately ExpressCards seemed to have died off.
Reading those requirements I think either a Lenovo laptop or an MSI workstation would work, another option is to go for an XPS laptop from Dell, since other brands like ASUS, Aorus/Gigabyte, Razer focus more towards gaming type laptops and HP is famous for its graphic chips killing themselves via poor ventilation which leads to solder issues
I concur, Lenovo is probably the best choice at the moment. Check Lenovo ThinkPad 13 or X260. I don't recommend Asus, Razer and Alienware, they tend to be unreliable.
When I compare Lenovo (which made my current laptop (BM Thinkpad T60)) to MSI - which made the mother board of our server (Shana), which has been very reliable.....Feature for feature, MSI blows away Lenovo for the price point. I would note, that I have replaced the mother board in my T60 once, because one of the bridge chips is inadequately heat sunk and failed - the same symptoms I am experiencing again....similar to shaggy410's comment about HP's suicidal graphic chips....

Lenovo also is behind the curve on features. In particular to USB Type C ports - I have come to learn that these are in effect, the reincarnation of the PCI express port. There are quite a few adapters out there for this port. SO, if you what a computer that can live on usefully beyond its age, a USB Type C port is important to being able to add new interfaces to your machine.

While I have not yet made a final decision, I am leaning toward one of the MSI ME variant with a 15.6 inch screen portable workstation. Feature wise, Dell also falls short for the price point. Well, it has been nearly 10 years since I updated, so going for a higher end machine that I will keep for another 10 years is not excessive, all though I cannot justify a top end machine - the last 10% can cost 100% more :(
What about the W series of MSI (portable workstations)?

I've used some of those for development as well as other tasks when I was working with a friend, and gotta say, for a portable workstation they are solid as hell and pretty powerful