ssagwp said:
Can we make it so that when I download an illustration from the .net site the illustration should say " - ..." instead of " - ..." because when my dad sees the wallpaper name and checks the site he is like "why are you downloading from a restricted site?" and i am like I downloaded it from a safe site not a restricted site. It is tiring to change all the names when i download illustrations because i download like a shit ton of wallpapers.

It's kind of a request instead of a suggestion but thought i post it here instead of make a "I have a request" thread on the forums.

P.S: I hope the higher ups don't mind the intrusion of it being a request instead of a suggestion.
Write a batch file script to automatically change the name. A useful skill to learn.
Emmy's right. My file names are crazy. They range from "reeeeeeeee.jpg" to "yeeet yaaa.png" to "beeeech whaaat.mp3". Get creatif
Kiho said:
Write a batch file script to automatically change the name. A useful skill to learn.
How do I do it?
You can learn about scripting by searching for tutorials on the web - for an brief introduction, you will need edlin to reformat the file name so I included a link to the wiki for that too.

You can find more on the web. If you want to get way more serious, you can download more extensive scripting languages such as perl
I save all my image files downloaded from boorus using their MD5 hash as their filename (that way if I try to download the same file months or years later I'll get an overwrite warning informing me that I already have it, even if I'm downloading from a different website). Danbooru and Sankaku already have theirs included in the filenames automatically, whereas Konachan and include theirs in the image URLs only and I copy and paste from there.

Would it be possible to add a Access-Control-Allow-Origin header when responding to API call so we could easily use XmlHttpRequest ?
After all the rating-troll-action...

How about a rating system that is only changeable by mods? At least after approved the images. I've noticed that images, that are uploaded for a while ago, you can't really control what happens to them. And the trolls can do what they want.
Mods can opt to :"lock" the rating, but the rating is generally not locked. Locking must be done on an image by image basis. What you suggest would require a moderation policy change.
Kiho said:
Mods can opt to :"lock" the rating, but the rating is generally not locked. Locking must be done on an image by image basis. What you suggest would require a moderation policy change.
What about some sort of histogram set-up? One that shows overall, and one that show most recent x number of votes? At least you can see the trends and catch the trolls.
What is exactly? It's under the forum category of the "more>>" page. Can it be used to add images to our forum posts?

Edit: Test


Apparently I can have more than one image in an inline group but I don't know how to cycle to the next
Oh shit. I forgot about that. That's exactly what it was supposed to be, yeah. I don't know if it ever got to 100% functionality though.
Moderators should be identified below their name in each post, example:


Not only do we need authority figures and respect their status, we need to know where to turn to for assistance, especially for new members.

Credit where credit is due, our mods do a brilliant job, but who are they? New members have no clue as to the hard yards, dedication and years of service our mods have given.

It's not about elitism, it's about respect and who we can turn to for guidance and direction.

Based on the hundreds of forums I have visited and on the few I have belonged to and even moderated myself, it is apparent and clear who the leaders are ... but NOT on Konachan!. This is rare and just leads to confusion.

When I first joined this community, nearly a year ago, I was bamboozled, some members put me down, and one mod put me straigh (Thanks emmy san), it took me a wile to figure out who was who. It should'd have been so hard.

I don't know if moderators here on Konachan have a hidden forum to talk about decisions, policy and discuss them, but if not I strongly recommend it.

Just my opinion.
There is no way to automatically attach a tag to a user post such as moderator. This would be a tedious burden on Moderators to add such a tag to all posts. Generally when responding in an official capacity, such as a Dmail, we do do identify ourselves. Other image boards do not automatically tag all posts by moderators either.

If you want to learn who are all the moderators, there is a function to accomplish this -

  • select More>> on the upper left of the main screen;
  • under Users, select Listing;
  • in the box next to Level click on the down arrow and select Mod;
  • click on Search to view a list of all the moderators;
Link to list of moderators

Note: Not all the listed moderators are currently active.
Also we have a Moderator tag on our profile pages too.

And there is a server specifically for Mods and the Admin on Discord which I use when I need help with something or when I need a second opinion.
Many thanks for your feedback emmy and Kiho, I now fully understand the constraints you're subject to.

Much appreciated, and thanks again for your great contributions to this fine community.
add back explicit loli, what even happen? I came back after few months and lolis are no longer an option

edit: i see that its because of server placement, can you recommend alternate site where you dont have to pay (ugh dalbooru)
Explicit loli has been unviewable for years on Kona.

Since gelbooru and rule34 are probably also going to remove it, your only other option are sankakucomplex, or earn the means to see them on danbooru (I got gold by being a regular contributor).
There are still plenty of places to get that. But you might have trouble finding them with a Google search. Try DuckDuckGo as a search engine.

As for loli image sites, try Lolibooru for starters. Though you may want to filter out realistic & photorealistic to get rid of most of the junk. And avoid the comments section!
Would it be possible to remove the undisplayed images from the posts page when searching on I mean to remove the pages that contain no safe images at all. This would avoid the need to search for images with the "previous" and "next" buttons.

I tried to search for a similar image like the one in this YouTube video (, which would require the tag "shirt_lift" at least. Most images with this tag are not safe though, so I get 66 pages of images. Only at page five I'm able to see three images.

The same behavior can be seen in the popular recent images page. The .net domain shows only five images, and the .com domain shows twenty. Could it be possible to make the .net one show twenty safe popular images instead?
Sorry for the late reply.

You can always avoid the blanks by adding rating:s to your search. The only time this won't work is when you're already at the 6 tag limit.