I had a dream that felt so real I genuinely thought I was dying. I thought the stuff in the dream was actually happening and that I wasn't just asleep. It was the strangest thing. Needless to say I was terrified. I had to force myself awake.

It was the second nightmare I'd had this morning. Unlucky.
That's so funny XD
I don't post here very often, purely because I don't get many nice dreams. This is one of those occasions. However, my mother was telling me about a dream she had last night.

She was in a hotel and she found a tramp in the wardrobe, slowly rotting. She says the smell was horrible. She then woke up with the dog (who sleeps upstairs) was in mother's bed farting.

Ain't that cute :3
i've never smelled in a dream, will have to try that now.
So I had another very convoluted and long dream this morning. Too much to remember and recount here.

But the part that stood out to me the most was towards the end. I either died or transcended my own body and my soul went in to outer space. I was weightless and completely free, swimming amongst the purplish-pinkish colored stars. It was just like being in water. I could even touch the stars and push or pull them away. All of this was backed by the song "Such Great Heights", which made it so much more awesome.
Emmy has the most surreal dreams ever
I dreamed of the K-ON scene of the band's farewell song to Azusa and got really emotionally overwhelmed by it.
nasty dirty dream
otaku_emmy said:
nasty dirty dream

ppl at the library are like "why tf is he smiling and giggling" XD

My last dream was...I don't dream much. I had some wet dreams before tho.
now the concept of a woman getting sexed is kinda unpleasant to me, probably only for like half an hour then i'll forget about that.but currently it doesnt sound like a thing a lady would want now
three dreams, all from this morning
I had a dream that a guy I like a lot (in real life) was going to tell me he liked me too, but he never got around to it. There was a lot of other stuff in the dream, but I can't remember it well enough to recount it here.
otaku_emmy said:
I had a dream that a guy I like a lot (in real life) was going to tell me he liked me too, but he never got around to it. There was a lot of other stuff in the dream, but I can't remember it well enough to recount it here.
I know who u like >:)
Actually, you probably don't. You don't know who this person is.
I had a dream i was in an art class but i was falling asleep and i thought the teacher was getting mad at me but it was someone else that fell asleep also another dream from that night i was at like the mall with my friends and they kept buying me stuff and accidentally left me. it was very odd but all-in-all an ok dream
So, I had a dream that I was raped this morning. For some reason, I didn't want to press charges against the guy. But then I learned more about him. He'd brainwashed and been raping his own sister since she was a toddler. He'd also committed a hate crime at some point.

There was other stuff like Daleks and an infant in the dream. Sometimes I think that I dream about babies because I want to have one.
I dream about visiting Shanghai . And my dream soon will come true:D. I am going to China this April:) I have booked tickets on https://lowcost.club/ and started learning some general phrases in Chinese. I am very excited :) I want to try their famous Cheese Butter Lobster and their snacks (I know they are dainty and exquisite in shape with unique features).
I slept in today after calling in sick due to digestive problems and fatigue, but when I went back to sleep I got trapped in a loop of dreams where every time I thought I got up I realized I was only dreaming. Among the series of dreams included me passing through a college neighborhood consisting entirely of brownstone homes, imagining an entire NBC series about a large blended family titled "Westeland", and another dream about my sister having to take care of one of those plastic doll babies as part of a motherhood class. I even asked her if I was awake, and though she laughed and reassured I was indeed awake, I actually was still dreaming. I felt like I was trapped on a mobius strip. Honestly, I'm not even sure if I'm actually still awake right now or if this post is just another part of my dream.
I dreamt that some random people on facebook had video edited me into a video where George Cloony was giving me a medal of some sort. I was not the only person this had happened to, apparently there was some program out there where you could easily edit someone into this one video of George Clooney handing out medals. But anyways, mine went a bit viral xD
Dreamed. Was in a city. Saw a giant monster. It spewed fire. Thought it looked like some girl, probably from a previous dream. Another followed behind it. That one generated typhoon force wind as it walks. Knocked buildings, sent stuff and people flying. More flying bodies than an exploding civilian plane. Survived somehow, by wedging between two solid buildings, which should've been knocked over as well, but plot, I think. Their numbers(the monsters) keep adding up. Some bunch of people got the power to become monsters, for some reason decided to wait until the original monsters to have a complete lineup or something, then fight them. Got pummeled. Choked to death. Shred to pieces. The end. Excitement. (/o_o)/
Had a dream I was in what was basically one of the Dishonored games. I assassinated someone I wasn't supposed to. Then I got my overly-polygonal-for-modern-graphics video game tits out and shoved them against some civilian lady, who had the sort of normal response you'd expect to hear when you stand too close to an NPC in a game. Thought that was kinda comical.
dirty dream
otaku_emmy said:
dirty dream
It sounds like your time with the succubus had expired at the last minute, my dear Emmy :P
I had a dream that seemed to take place in an anime. I was younger, around 16 years old, and for some reason I was a desert nomad. I along with several other youths from across the globe suddenly felt compelled to go to this one location on Earth using some kind of newly discovered psychic power that allowed us to warp there. We were an odd group with ages ranging from 15-30 years old, some friendly, some weird, other paranoid. We all seemed confused about what was going on, but we were determined to find out exactly what that was. However some kind of malevolent force seemed to be pursuing us, though it seemed to be a both an evil organization while at the same time a figment of our own fear born from our psychic powers. A lot of people in the group got scarred and started to believe our meeting was a setup and people started disappearing or running off.

I would also like to note that all the girls in the group seemed drawn to me like I was some kind of harem male lead from an anime. The rest of the girls also seemed to push me into becoming the girlfriend of one of the girls whom I initially mistook for a boy. Everybody wanted to go home with me but I found the whole situation a little too much to handle (Not unlike many anime harem leads) having so many girls take an interest in me at once.

The whole setup actually felt like a combination of the series Mayoiga mixed with some harem attitudes from Monster Musume.
Rich Piana and I got into a street brawl in which neither of us could best the other and ended in us both walking away in mutual respect while a crowed cheered on.
*Googles Rich Piana*


two dreams
What every man should aspire to look like.