otaku_emmy said:
*your :p

I had some Halloweeny dreams this morning. I didn't like either of them. Pretty sure I got killed in the second one. Dying in a bathtub sucks cuz you can't defend yourself.
Just fight back, you're at an advantage. No one wants to fight a naked person in hand to hand.
TommyGunn said:
Just fight back, you're at an advantage. No one wants to fight a naked person in hand to hand.
I'm not even sure if it was a person or not. It came towards me slowly and it had a quilt. The idea was that it was going to smother me in the tub.
Been having more dreams about males. Yesterday's was really pleasant and lovely (and about someone real), but today's was less so. I had invaded someone's home (he was not a real person that exists) and I was making him take care of me, but at some point the tables turned and he was sticking with a syringe full of drugs every so often. The old fashioned kind.
I think I know who it is :3

Or never mind, it’s orobably just Zach Effron or some actor ur crushing on

Edit: and I know I KEEP and KEEP on saying this but Emmy… YA. NEED. TO GET. YOYRSELF. A HUBBY! XD

Like my overweight babysitter dated someone with a LIMO cuz of her personality. Ya can. Do eet
It wasn't anyone I know. I usually don't dream about anyone I know.
I often dream about my son, in reality he is now grown up with a lovely wife and three beautiful kids, but in my dreams he always appears as a young child, and I'm protecting him. I then feel so uncomfortable, and panic sets in.

I guess it comes down to the fact that for many years I was a single male parent, and my son was often bullied at school. Sometimes the dreams are pleasant and lovely, but many times transcend into horrific nightmares, where someone is trying to kill him.

At the end of my dream, when I wake up, often covered in sweat. I then, in my awakening, take few moments to deeply consider the dream ... my last recollection is covering him and taking the imaginary gun shot or knife wounds upon myself, allowing him to escape, however me dying. .

It's horrible, but also comforting, because in that waking moment, I get out of bed and after a nice drink of milk and a toilet break, I return to my bed and am reassured, that even though I had my faults, I was always a good caring Dad. I then fall back into a wonderful, dreamless sleep.
When I was learning to drive a few months back with my dad I used to have dreams where I would be driving happily and without any problems. After a while I would suddenly realize that the car breaks are not working and we would crash and I would wake up immediately after in a cold sweat and heart beating really fast. These days however I have not had any such dreams and I am thankful to God that they are past me and would you believe I am a pretty good driver.
I had a dream where this handsome bodybuilder type dude with a nice, thick, black beard and a shaved head was giving me some good, good head pats.
Had a ridiculous dream that I was being beaten senseless by Samuel L Jackson, John Travolta and Uma Thurman, but, most disturbingly they all had vividly pink hair!

WTF!!! I'm laying off watching Tarantino movies for while!