I dunno, I have multiple stories that play in my head. One that's set on Earth which is more an alternate world. Another is set on a planet like colony, kinda like the one in Marcross Frontier, but bigger and my own design. That one has a backstory that spans at least a few centuires because some of the characters are semi-immortal because the world incorporates magic, science and technology both on their own and fused, and some of them naturally live long lives or stay in statis chambers every century or less. Last is like a side-story of the 2nd but focused at one time on a different character, though this is more of a story because I actively play it out while I'm working since I have nothing better to do.

As for Mami I would think she has one, and it would probably be what her gem looks like when transformed. Since if you notice Homura's gem is a diamond and Sayaka has the C on her stomach. Though it probably didn't matter since you weren't going to see her much anyway. I think there might be some images online that would show it but there are too many at this point.
GC 19: WTF?
Did they just make Shu into the next pseudo-"Jesus"/"Savior"? Him taking on the sins that is the Apocalypse Virus? *sigh* Figures his Void would be like that after all this time...
BRS 5: Yup after seeing that we got now spoiler for next episode.
Except the flame wasn't purple, but more red. So it'll probably be that character or a new version of the same, or just something else entirely. Honestly I keep expecting Black Rock Shooter Beast to make an appearance, but that's just me.
For me it was purpleblue not purplered. Well it can be either her or someone new as you say.
I have this bad feeling that my email is going to be flooded with notification about manga.... *sigh* i'm not sure whether or not i should keep 3 manga website subscriptions...

StahnAileron said:
GC 19: WTF?
You might want to put a spoiler on that.... you just kind of ruined part of the plot right there for me.

I will also add a question. What animes and mangas are you guys currently reading and watching?
Did anyone else notice Kyuubee in episode 9 of Nisemonogatari?
i missed that part. Though i can't say whether or not i'm glad about it.
Sora No Otoshimono Movie
What a disappointment. The first 3rd or so of the movie is rehashing the anime timeline of events to get the viewer up to speed (it's basically highlights the major events the anime got recognition for, like the flying flock of panties).

The rest of it was meh. The content got changed a bit, much like the anime adaptation was changed compared to the original manga. Still, I can't believe this was a theatrical release. This felt more like a feature-length TV episode. And the TV ep had more/better drama to boot. The ending here is pretty anti-climatic compared to climaxes in the TV seasons. (How the hell do you let a TV version of a series outdo the LATER movie version based on DIFFERENT material?)

Watching this gave me similar feeling I had when watching the Macross Frontier movies. Especially the first MF movie since False Songtress and this movie (Clockwork Angeloid) share the practice of re-using TV animation footage in the movie itself (it's pretty obvious in the animation quality shifts.) While Clockwork Angeloid is based on new material compard to Songstress' and Wings of Goodbye's retelling of an establish story, I find myself preferring MF's approach. Those actually felt like they belong in a theater. Clockwork feeels more like 3-5 TV eps re-edited into a movie. (I woldn't be surprised if Clockwork started out as an OAV or something and got change part way, actually.)

For reference, my currently gold standard for anime movies based on established franchises are:

  • Nanoha Movie 1st
  • F/SN Unlimited Blade Works
  • Disappearance of Haurhi
All those felt like they belong in a theater and be experienced on the big screen. While Clockwork had the movie length, it didn't have the movie feel to it at all. It was more like a made-for-TV movie than a theatrical one. The original version of the Kazane Hiyori arc in the manga was better in many ways. This movie was mediocre at best.
To be honest Sora no Otoshimono was good in the first season and all you had to do was really see what chapters they used. Then it became sort of a dissapointment in the 2nd season when they just used their own material near the end since that doesn't happen in the manga, but might hint that it'd actually happen later.

Did a quick look at the movie raw, which is all I care to do, and you are right. They totally screwed it up and reduced a couple of chapters down to their full potential, like in the beginning. There is an episode in Forte I believe where Astraea, Nymph, and Sohara are in some dream on a train. The chapter that corresponds with it doesn't nessecarily go with the Kazane arc, but is essencially a part of it because the arc begins before that chapter.

I know it's hard to do an anime version of the manga because most of the chapters don't have too much of a coherrent story with each other until a real arc happens. I still like the anime though for what it is since it's like reading the manga but better, but this is one of those clear cut cases that the manga overall wins because they don't like to stick to it, but as I said before I understand why you can't in this manga.

Besides Soul Eater (most of it), I've seen one or two other anime that practically sticks to the manga. Not 100% but like 90-95%.
I don't mind if they veer from the original soruce as long as it makes sense from some viewpoint. Look at K-On! It deviated significantly from the manga. However, it's one of the few cases I've seen so far where the anime adaptation is overall better than the manga. I mean, the manga has its moments (in particular with how manga|Mugi is compared to anime|Mugi. Anime makes her out to be much more easygoing and innocent compared to her manga characterization).

The SnO movie watered down the one thing that kpet me with SnO in the first place: the actual drama and story content. It's one of the few series that can actually balance humor/comedy, slice of life, drama, and fanservice well. I was actually initially put off by the first ep of the series (I came acroos the anime before the manga), but I gave it another chance with the later eps. Thankfully, it got injected with some actual plot within the first half of S1, so I stuck with it and looked up the manga.

S2 was a mild disappointment, but at least it ended in such a way as to be somewhat reconcilable with the manga canon. SnO movie KINDA points in that direction as well, but only implicitly, depending on how you interpret the little epilogue post-credits. On the other hand, everything that made that arc somewhat important and carried the impact it had in the manga was lost in the movie adaptation. Stuff was just thrown at the viewer. There was barely any real build-up. The climax sequence sucked. And most importantly, there was NO CHAR DEVELOPMENT. This last item is the hallmark of and, IMHO, the one thing truly carrying the series (or else I would've dropped it as a cheap fanservice-only series). In a series where the true story is watching the chars grow and develop as time goes by and events happen, it's very disappoint to sit through 90 minutes of FILLER disguised as a movie (of which about a quarter to a third was repeat material using previous footage.)

I get that, in truth, Kazane Hiyori is a minor character in the manga version. She was basically just a story arc plot device. Once this arc was done, she barely shows up or has and role in the manga. Still, that doesn't excuse making the movie centered around her arc as poor as this movie is. This was a theatrical release and I expect a HELLUVA lot more production value out of it. Especially after the run of anime movies that came the previous 2 years before it was released. Even GAINAX is getting the NGE movies right (so far) and they've been doing weird/shady shit for the past decade as a studio. It been a while since I've watched anything GAINAX related and actually liked it with little reservation.

And speaking of production studios, this doesn't bode well for my expectations of the SW movie. AIC is handling that one as well. SnO Movie & SW2 together doesn't paint a very good picture to me for the SW movie at all. (They even used the same shitty low detail CG char filler animation in both Clockwork and SW2. Talk about conspicuous CG...)
Just watched ep 6 of Black Rock Shooter. The actions good especially the Insane Black Rock Shooter but the slice of life part is extremely sad. I think the OVA is better than the show mainly because the action was better. Also, can something happy and funny please! happen in this show? It's extremely depressing right now. (T_T)
Just watched nisemonogatari ep 10. The beginning was good but the ending was like O_O.
i once heard a comedian talk about how the olympics were like a weird world war. after watching the first 2 eps of dog days, i can see that now.
I can't wait for Season 2 of that show. I hope this time they'll really fight each other, cause Cinque never really had the chance to fight anyone but Leo (barely) and her brother.
In black rock shooter did BRS have the scars? Because it's not going with the OVA so she wouldn't have "died" right?
She doesn't. I assumed it was some absurd censorship thing.
I recently watched the new episode of bleach and i noticed that some of the voices changed or is it just me?
Is there any place to buy the Sora no Otoshimono manga (Eng) online? The World God Only Knows as well? I've been waiting, but it doesn't seem any stores are about to be stocking them around here.
Neither have been picked up for license in the US, as fair as I know. The anime versions are, but not the manga.
It can be difficult to get licensed manga these days. I mean even Tokyopop, which was one of the leading manga companies, closed so now there are several manga that won't be completed. Like I have Future Diary but now I have to read the rest of it online.
The big manga companies in the US these days are Viz, YenPress (YP), Seven Seas (7Seas), and Del Rey (Del). Viz is the most prominent and is like the only major manga publisher in the US still. TokyoPop (TP) closed last year.

YP and 7Seas came about fairly recently and have a decent library of series. Del is still kinda small in terms of selection. They seem to have a direct relation with Kodansha now, though, so that might change.

Bandai itself dropped out of the US market as well, both anime and manga releases.

Before, the manga I usually bought tended to be TP. These days, I mainly get Viz series (they thankfully expanded their selection over the past few years.) The rest of my current collection is split evenly between 7Seas and YP, with Del series here and there.

The more I watch Guilty Crown, the more I think Shuu should just drop Inori and just hook up with Ayase. They make a better pair, IMHO.
I'd go with Ayase, since I wouldn't be able to get Hare.

So I wonder if Persona 4 is going to go the true ending or the normal ending, heaven forbid the neutral ending. I'd rather have them do the true ending but I don't know if they'll be able to in one or two more episodes. I do love the episode title for next week though.
Another ep 11: Let the killing beging
Guilty Crown Episode 22
Guilty Crown: The last half of the series turned me into more of as Ayase/Shuu fan than Inori/Shuu, honestly. That started with me ever since he drew her Void out mid-series. I get why Inori is important to him, but I would've been happy if he ended up with Ayase as well. Oh well. But yeah. GC tried to cram too much into the last few eps. Their dumbass fault for planning it as a 22-ep series instead of the more typical 24-26. I get the production studio REAL~LY wanted their break time (since the series crossed over the major holiday season.) There wasn't much closure to the series, IMHO. They left quite a bit open. And they just HAD to mention HER name at the end. I'm still bitter about that...

And I want Ayase's last Endlave ^_^ I didn't get a good look at it until this ep (since it was featured a bit more from various angles.) It's one of the nicer mechanical designs I've seen as of late.
Another Episode 12
So I guess the writer or the director really wanted to put the MiB in Ano Natsu. It's cool because it's something that feels a bit obsure at this point since the movies and cartoon were a long time ago. Though I heard theres a 3rd movie. Anyway the ending wasn't what I expected, in a cliche way of ending for that particular type of ending, if you get what I mean.
Mouretsu Pirates
I just marathoned eps 1-12 today. God that series is full of BS technobabble just to make it more dramatic. ^_^; I started ignoring the BS they were spouting after a while becuase most of it didn't make logical sense with itself. Talk about disposable plot-devices.

The first story arc was fine. The second irked me to no end (there were SO many times I was questioning the technical aspects of the dialogue). Thank goodness the chars are fairly interesting at least. Then again, I was watching the Commie version, so it's probably just a Cruncyroll rip (if the translation work is any real indication, it's definitely Crunchyroll style and "quality"). Lord knows CR can suck at subbing and translation of basic dialogue, much less the technical type.

Anyone know if a real subbing group is doing this that you'd recommend?
According to D_S and ji-hi, WhyNot is pretty much a CR rip with their own few edits but either as bad or a bit worse than Commie's, that is of course including typesetting and karoke. A group called EC is apparently the only real group doing it, but good luck with that, as they're only on Episode 7 due to TL and Timing delays. I understand work or school, but people going MIA for no reason or never stating beforehand piss me off, especially for subbing groups.

Anyway I understand, I love the show, but some of the technical stuff was a bit wonky, like more questionable than confusing, especially the later parts. Plus the timing for Commie kinda sucked that some of the lines went by really fast.

This is why real sub-groups who'd try to do a good job can be much better than something "offical" and think they can just half-ass it all the time. I love Marika's quote in episode 12 which they show briefly at the last few seconds after the preview, and might get used as a meme.