Hah I was about to say #42 is meaning of life in another thread :D

Fun fact: Did you know 13.37 * π (pi) = 42 :D

I like this thread but sadly I have to step down since the debates on this thread can generate really deep and sensitive topics for some. Especially how much of this ties in religion. Beside I suck when it comes to text based debates on the web. I rather have a oral discussion face to face.

However I will just throw this one out:
I find it funny when I see people easily blaming God for whatever reason it may be instead to looking on what caused it, outcomes and consequences etc. when it often their own "fault".

I think we should try to keep thing simple when it comes to meaning of life and our believes. Like people and even the Quran say "You believe what you believe in, and I believe what I believe in".