Gregol said:
does Buddhism even qualify as a religion?
I think it's more of a way of life...
Uhm, what do you think a religion is? In rough terms, religions are road-maps, plans that tell you how to best live life if you want to get the most out of it.

Some religions include trials and rituals that supposedly serve to discipline your mind and body (e.g.: like asking Christians to go to church), but I wouldn't call that a requirement to be a religion.

I personally like Buddhism because it's so open-minded, people can attune their beliefs to it without having to throw aside whatever other religion they grew up aligned to.

I don't know if the themes here will get religious connotations, obviously there will be much overlap because religions also provide answers to the unknowns of life, but I do my best to avoid relying on religious beliefs to discuss my point of view (at most, I use religion to provide examples of ways people can look at a situation before giving my own opinion).

We'll see with time.