that analogy of yours is good, but...

isn't it a little biased, to be placing (that thing that you're placing) as the centre?
In that case, I think that each of us spiders should have their own little web, and thses webs all form a ginourmous globe, so we can see one another, when we look inwards.(we live on the inside)
Or better yet, the webs arent fixed ownership, but spiders with similar outlooks sit on nearby webs, and can go onto nearby webs as well.(a spider moves a certain distance each time it receives any sort of informational input. The distance depends on the impact that informatio had)
Also, in this case, whenever somebody asks a good question, all the spiders tend to take the nearest possible crossing point of threads. The more threads cross, the more detailed and deep the view is.(at this point it would also be handy to assume that all crossing points[as the question is asked] become spikes pointed inwards, and the more threads, the deeper the spikes)
Us "master-debaters" would never(or rarely) stray far from our usual crossing, so we would be fairly consistent.(although, in our lifetime, we ALL do travel in a straight line, in any direction, at different speeds, and important events and realisations may change our direction of travel, and the speed, and sorry for the bunch of commas)

Also, it's important to decide which type spider each of us is.
And sorry for any possible lack of "n's"...