That could work. Let's look at SK7000 thoughts before deciding in case.

Here's my attempt at making sure I understand your idea:

We use the same model I described.
We remove the concept of center / edge and their respective differences resembling peoples awareness of their position and value/meaning in life.
We have smaller webs representing a strong/common view which we find easy to label as being a few. "The buddhist view" , " The creatist view" , " Heaven and Hell Model" , "The Absurdist View" etc etc.
I'm not yet satisfied on how clear the communication is. You made an interesting proposal. Let the following be the only questions I ask right now to keep it organized and allow SK7000 plenty of time to give feedback. I can wait.

I would still propose the sample questions to help explain if we can work with this sample. feel free to keep it as simple as possible and later go into detail:
Where would you be?
Why do you like / dislike it there?
Have you have significant changes in your time in the web? (I had a few big jumps that shook me up and about in my life)

In the mean time can you (Gregol) clarify your communication between the individual views and positions as detailed as possible? It is the critical concept for the individual webs inside the larger web model. Without it we can't work with it I think.

Thanks in advance