See, thing is, that my model incorporates the passing of time.

Mary, as she is still searching for an answer, would probably be situated on a crossing of very few threads, both before and shortly after the event.
Her speed would be fast.
In a while she will probably be sitting on a crossing of a great number of threads(she meets smart people etc), or depending on circumstances, she might be running around in circles/spirals, merely changing the ACTUAL, "PHYSICAL" THREADS, but not their CONCENTRATION.
(i.e. her point of view changes, but not her "mass" of knowledge nor depth of understanding)

Nico is very slowly moving in some direction, but on the path that he's taking only very few new threads will appear, so it's safe to assume that he will remain more or less stationary over a long period of time.
Depending on his starting conditions, he might be sitting on a large to very small number of threads.

Orland started out in very, very threadless area, because his information intake was most likely extremely limited(unless he's "Mr. Pants-made-out-of-gold")
He is most likely moving at a steady pace towards a crossing of many threads, if he's dealing with knowledgeable and/or smart and/or experienced people.
Or, he's runing around in circles too, but slower.

If they are of the same ethnic background, and live in similar cultural circumstances, Mary and Orland will probably be on the same side of the globe(approaching from different sides), but Nico would be some distance away from both of them.

I think that's it, but there could be more...