Modeling reality and the way people look at things is not that easy.

Summary of the spider model as presented so far: Views of the world, and whether our position on it can predict our degree of happiness.

There are many ways to define happiness, it is a very abstract concept, after all. I discussed the possibility of aiming for a perfect life, in which happiness would flourish out of the lack of bad decisions on our part. Certainly, that is not the only way to live life, many other paths exist, many of which don't need a deeper understanding of the self or the world, and can still be very rewarding, bringing in much happiness.

But I think it's important to notice that not every way of looking at the world is conducive to happiness, neither. In fact, I would go as far as to posit that awareness and happiness can be orthogonal concepts. For example, let's look at two examples where ignorance leads to both happiness and ruin.

ignorant ruin: being selfish

ignorant bliss: being naive

Note that no path is utter "ruin" or "bliss." A person in ignorant ruin can feel moments of passing happiness, but it cannot last. A person in ignorant bliss can likewise be victim of manipulating people or others with less than good intentions, but it will not last neither.

I could go on musing about how knowledge and understanding can serve to avert pain, but I think my comment is lengthy enough for now.