Yes and Interesting to all but one point.

I remain unclear about the method of viewing and communicating between concepts. If we can clear that up I think we're done and can start throwing question into it and see what we can output.

SK7000 said
I would go as far as to posit that awareness and happiness can be orthogonal concepts.
Quite true. I don't even find it debatable anymore as I've ruined my own fun by explaining it in too many cases. You may call it bias since I myself am hardly able to represent such a large demographic but I'm stuck on that view and I don't see that changing in the (near) future.

What about you Gregol? What's your view on happiness VS awareness (Awareness being the understanding of emotion as a concept rather than focussing on the experience of it)

Distance between webs/concepts

I noticed Gregol proposing that motion changes the perspective and the the idea is thrown out by any individual at which point it could become a tug of war for locations and relations as all individuals have their view on it.. This would create a "best of collective view" which means 3 people as of now. Interesting but it seems like we're going to miss out if we do this in such a small group. I am unable to find a better alternative though so I would suggest continuing along the line of building up around central ideas and relating them one by one. It's slow but solid.