SK7000 said:
Now I am the one lost here. Can you elaborate on what you mean? The method for viewing and communicating between what concepts?

I am not too fond on the idea of a "best collective view," though. There are many ways of looking at the world, and chances are you are not the only one who sees it in a particular way. I don't think there is any "best" out there, though I like being exposed to as many view-points as possible. Learning more might not change my stance on things, but I still like learning about the different ways that people look at life.
Consider how we can discuss a topic. How would you explain me your views? That's as simple as I can break it down. We can all make interesting analogies but it'd be easier if we use a general model for it (web/spiders etc).

Example zealot

I was consdering the use of the thread to others than us actually. If we can share our views in a neutral and quick manner the continuity of the thread becomes more stable and other people may be more tempted to share their views instead of holding back in fear of being chastised about referencing their own background.

Or we could just go back to everybody throwing a list of what he she thinks and debate each point one by one :) I don't mind myself but I was considering some more aspects than just what I wanted here.

Best collective view
Did this satisfactorily answer your question? If not I'd be more than glad to clear things up further. I'm in no hurry.