Uhm... in short, we use analogies that work for the topic at hand. I don't think you can use the same analogy for everything and have it work.

Technically, just using plain English should be enough to describe/explain a topic. Analogies is just to simplify understanding.

To tackle your example, when discussing things with a devout Christian, you just don't mention "Buddhism" anywhere with your own examples, instead you try to set up an explanation that relies on human nature, psychology and logic.

At least, I think I managed to do that so far.

I don't know if anybody else will participate in this thread, though it was required to make it to avoid polluting the other threads with off-topic material which was nevertheless interesting to discuss about.

I think, as long as we can change topics (and not spend ten pages on the same debate) it'll be easy for new people who want to join in to get a grasp on what's going on and reply. Who knows, this thread might be over before it hits three pages.