TommyGunn said:
Forgot to update, but yeah he offered to pay. Managed to talk them down to $600 some as well. I just kind of feel bad for it after he was here as a favor.
Don't feel bad, this is really no different from a "friend" offering to house sit and then throwing an open house party which trashes the house - Bueller's Day Off. Surely this is not the first time he pirated music/videos. He was probably thinking, ok, this is probably the first time from this IP address, it will be overlooked. The fact is, tracking pirated music/video in the US is big business. Whatever your friend down loaded most likely could have been bought from Amazon for 1/10 the fine. These companies that track "illegal" downloads are raking in the money.You either pay or they jugulate you in lawsuits. Yup, the land of the free.
He might've been there as a favor, but he DID fuck you over.

As for my day, I got a nice book in the mail today. A late gift. I love it. It's a photo book.

I've noticed too that I've been singing and dancing a lot more than usual. Both are really, really fun. Dancing is especially fun, because I do stupid dances.

I also taught my mom about Aokigahara in Japan. She had no idea such a place even existed. It horrified her.
I got stuck in my room again this morning so my dad straight up just took the knob off. First he handed me a knife under the door to try and move the latch but it wasn't budging.

So now I have a knobless bedroom door. XD
The United States government shut down today. Here's hoping it doesn't last too long.
Agos said:
The United States government shut down today. Here's hoping it doesn't last too long.
Only the parts of the government that help their citizens shut down, the war machine is still running at full steam ahead.
That's like real woke bruh
Cade said:
That's like real woke bruh
You have lost me there, Cade. It has been 10 years now that I have resided outside the US, as such my understanding of US colloquialisms has diminished.
He's mocking you, so I wouldn't even worry about it.
Monday night I had knee surgery to repair a torn meniscus. This is the first surgery I have ever had, even though it was performed as quasi-out-patient surgery (I was kept overnight for observation). spoiler
Cheezus Kiho, hope you recover soon, having to lay in the same position without being able to flex your knee sucks, had something similar happen to me while in high school once to each knee in a period of around 2 years ._.

On other topic, main PC has been out of commission due to upgrades....well due to rebuild I must say....that and different construction works being done around my house which keep lifting huge clouds of dirt and dust -.-

Passing from a (really) old Athlon II x2 to a Ryzen 5 is going to be a huge change ...similar to when I changed from my old Pentium (not even with MMX) to an Athlon Duron and then to an Opteron dual core lol
I went out with my mom today since she didn't have work. We got lunch and visited a (semi) new bakery. It smelled intoxicating inside, and everything on display looked so pretty and nice. Everything is made completely from scratch, which I think is getting pretty rare these days. They'll even make something special order for you if you call them early enough in the morning (i.e. something they don't usually have available). They make all kinds of stuff too; not just cakes and cookies. What I was most impressed with was the reasonable prices.

It was a really good day.
I made a new friend today! He's German!
It's the middle of February and it's 80 degrees in here. The hell? And tomorrow it's only going to be 40-something. Some funky weather around here lately.
otaku_emmy said:
It's the middle of February and it's 80 degrees in here. The hell? And tomorrow it's only going to be 40-something. Some funky weather around here lately.
We're around 14°F degrees since december, still didn't see the snow this year even with these temperatures.
Shizko said:
We're around 14°F degrees since december, still didn't see the snow this year even with these temperatures.
If freezing temps were all that were required for snow it would be snowing 24hrs a day in my kitchen freezer. XD
Also, while you got no snow I got whomped by a few extra inches. And on the day of my interview no less...
We has so much snow, a week and a half ago, that the army was called out to help, just today the city workers came around to remove the piles of snow along our road, a steady procession of dump trucks and bucket loaders - well we live nearly on the MKAD which is almost the city limits and the city center of course requires first priority or it would be shut down. The snow was at least knee deep, and it was a heavy, wet snow.
Spring, you're drunk.
It's gonna warm up this week though. I'm so excited about it. It might even storm on Friday. I hope this'll be a really good week.

I went to an Easter parade today. It was supposed to happen yesterday, but the rain and ice got it postponed. It was a bit too cold and windy, but it was nice overall. For some reason, I can't remember much of it. I feel like there was a lot less going on than usual. It was kind of disappointing. But we got a lot of candy thrown at us, so that's cool. I always take the stuff my parents can't chew (like Starbursts or Tootsie Rolls).

There was a guy handing out free hot chocolate too. It was damn good. Tasted kinda malty. I burned my mouth and tongue on it several times. I thought it was really nice that he was doing that.

There were some kids doing the bottle flip challenge across the road from us. I watched them for a bit. It's a cheap way to keep children entertained, that's for sure.
Sergei Mavrodi died today. A most interesting man, founder of MMM. I had looked to see if I could by some original Mavroidi bonds as souvenirs to go with my $100,000,000.00 Zimbabwe bill. But alas, they are now hard to come by and I was not going to put out $50.00. I suppose I could just print myself some ;)

FYI: A movie The PyraMMMid - it is worth watching. Best quote: <The only inexhaustible resource on this planet is GREED>
I recently bought a new computer because my cute little Lenovo's memory was poor. I had an external hard drive but stupid Microsoft 10 and its mandatory updates say you can't put their updates on external hard drives because (middle finger). I swear Microsoft does this intentionally just to render cheap and small storage computers from other companies obsolete. Freaking monopolies are screwing over the little guys and forcing us consumes to pay through the nose. Still, at least my new one is crisp, clean, and powerful (And has a touchscreen). Who knows? With all this memory and RAM maybe I should consider taking up PC gaming?
I cut my toe open on either a small piece of glass or a very sharp piece of wood. It was lodged in my toe. The puncture wound was small, but it sure did bleed and hurt. My mom had to pick it out with her nails.

I also dropped the house phone under our mobile home as I was trying to hold too many things at once. The phone fell out the door, split the space between the trailer and the porch perfectly, hit the ground, and bounced up under the trailer (which is usually covered by siding). So then I had to try and get it back, which given the state I've been in today almost brought me to tears. I had to clean the phone too, since it got mud all over it.
My wife started training at a differrent BJJ club last week, one of the members had a birthday, it is traditional in the club that every member has to throw the birthday member in celebration. My wife has a killer Sumi Gaeshi.
Eyyyyyyyyyyyy guess who got a new mattress todaaaaaaaay. Only paid $250 for it too.

Now all I need is a big ol man to help me break it in. ;)
*coughs* I went to town with my mom this evening to run an errand and on our way home we got caught behind this car. We got to looking at it, and it was a really nice classic care the likes of which we'd never seen before. My mom and I kept trying to peep the make and model emblems on the back, but it was too small and we didn't wanna rear end them. So, as we finally got to pass them on the left, I turned my head to look. Turns out these boys were in a rare Nissan President Sovereign (pictured here and here). I also caught a look at the driver (we made direct eye contact) and he was damn fine. A bit hipstery. Close cut beard and a burgundy beanie and a nice, dark jacket. I highly doubt these dudes were even born when this car was manufactured. My mom said the other dude was cute too, but I didn't have time to look at him. I think they knew we were staring at the car. XD

So all that was cool.
I think it's more a summary of 1/2 months ago until recently, lately in my street is stealing frequently, nothing unusual here in Brazil, just a normal day, some chickens here at home died suddenly a few days, about a month before my cat died and she was pregnant and another cat was salivating something strange from the mouth, he did not eat or drink, I gave activated charcoal and water with syringe in the mouth for +- 2 days and he improved after a few day, 3 cats were vaccinated not to get pregnant, one of them gave something like a tumor in the belly that was getting bigger, but now seems to be improving and somehow not as big as before, I never liked the idea.

A man who lives a few houses my man died, he was at a party, they told me he was adjusting the car battery when the car went forward and fell off the ravine on top of him, some people said he stayed about 40 minutes screaming for help, the ambulance took a long time to arrive and he died, but it seems that people had tried to pull the car with a pickup truck but they did not succeed, he left a newborn daughter, probably the reason for the party, the mother is 15 y.o and him over 30 andthe last week an unknown man drowned in a pond near here