>wooden houses
You don't see that in Romania. Unless a cabin or something more rural, everything is brick and stone. At my current location there's not one building made of wood. The outside toilet, which is old as hell as my uncle built it long ago, is still standing on its brick and concrete legs. The 4 garages are all stone and brick with concrete. Except the roof, they're more universal. One is full iron. Yes, it's all rusty and has holes in it. There are several leaks when it's raining a lot, but other than that it's still good. The others use a special and cheap type of material. I don't know what it's called, but I don't think it's manufactured anymore.

I don't know how to rate wooden houses. But from what I've seen so far, it's a mess. Unless you can assure me that it's easily repairable, then I'm holding off on any positive comments about it.
Norfolk VA is a shit town where everything closes at 7 PM.
Things tend to be pretty dead on Sundays in the South.
Probably because of religion right?
Yeee. Day of rest and all. Plus people need a break anyways. At least one day.
It has come to my attention that the US is a workaholic country. I knew the state doesn't give you any free days, but listening to some people that came to Europe and then going back there describing how the people there feel that they should work.... I suddenly don't want to go there. In Europe it's a bad practice to even think of work too much. It doesn't matter if you like what you're doing, there's the time for work. And then there's the time for family and yourself. The Netherlands has 4 working day weeks (at least on some jobs). They're definitely putting more effort into those working days, but they have 3 days off every week. That's almost half of the week. At least, that's what I heard years ago. Artwork might be able to shed more light on this.
Usually the only people who get a four day work week here are the ones who work twelve hour shifts.
It's that Protestant work ethic fanaticism that still influences American subconscious.
Big stuff is still open on Sundays though. Chain restaurants and chain stores and stuff.

The only places I really notice being closed early on Saturdays and closed all day Sunday are mom-and-pop type places.

As for the subject matter of this forum, I'm feeling pretty depressed. Still looking forward to the beach though.
otaku_emmy said:
Big stuff is still open on Sundays though. Chain restaurants and chain stores and stuff
That's that Judeo-Masonic fanaticism that still influences American subconscious.
otaku_emmy said:
Still looking forward to the beach though.
Which beach are you going to?
traz64 said:
Which beach are you going to?
Carolina Beach. Apparently - and my parents didn't know this either but - Carolina Beach and Kure Beach are all located on what is referred to as Pleasure Island. So the full title would be Carolina Beach on Pleasure Island, NC. I had no idea it was an island.

Then again, I haven't been in well over a decade so I have very little memory of anything there.

I already looked up the places I wanna go and wrote them down. It'll be just me and my mom, which is really the best part.

We'll be staying here.
Just came back from a beach in 'new jersey. It was magical

Anywyas, hope u have fun! Focus on your senses and slowly dim out any toxic brain noise. That could help with sadness. Even if it's just temporary.

I think being at the beach at night is amazing. I love the darkness and the solitude. Perfect to just relax and imagine nice things.
I plan to get (legally) high when we go to the aquarium, boardwalk, and arcade so that should definitely enhance the experiences.

My aunt went to the beach last year with her friend and she told us she got super high, went to a candy store, and bought $100 worth of sweets.

I'm psyched that I'm going to see/hear the ocean and also be able to get in a proper in-ground pool. The hotel has an outdoor AND indoor pool.
Visited the Studio Ghibli museum, what a great place. No where near the size of a Disneyland and a lot is still under construction, but if you love the smiles and laughter of little Japanese kids (which I do) this place will stick in your memories forever.

They have some amazing exhibits, including a giant replica of the robot from Laputa, Castle in the Sky, and an amphitheater which feature shorts from all Ghibli films, but for me the best fun was watching the kids playing and laughing in the huge plushy cat bus from Totoro, just so heartwarming.

My visa runs out soon, and my working contract is over so I'm trying to get the best of the last couple weeks. Hoping my money doesn't run out LOL

Next, a ride on the Shinganesen (bullet train) and ferry to travel to Kyoto, on the island of Honshu, visit some shrines and grab a bath in a hot spring
I got blocked by a flat-earther on facebook.
To be entirely honest, I was not in the mood to argue.
The person was saying that relativity wasn't real, that the Michelson-Morley experiment proved the earth doesn't go around the sun, that the ether exists.
The thread was 90 comments long by the time I found it.
Suggested that "now would be the time to build a roller coaster". The implication was that this person should ride it.
My hate was equivalent to the 'Holocaust'. Their words, not mine.
Literally told the guy I couldn't be asked, they were beyond the point of debate and that I would just insult them instead.
They started talking about cognitive dissonance like they didn't seem to suffer it every day.
eclimial said:
Visited the Studio Ghibli museum
I'm trying to get sent to Japan for work just to go here.
Stealthbird97 said:
I got blocked by a flat-earther on facebook.
To be entirely honest, I was not in the mood to argue.
The person was saying that relativity wasn't real, that the Michelson-Morley experiment proved the earth doesn't go around the sun, that the ether exists.
I can totally relate, these flat earth science deniers frustrate the hell out of me, Only a few days ago I 'nearly' had a stupid argument with someone who said climate change was a myth, I didn't bother responding, wast of time. Science is my God, every theory is peer reviewed and the models scrupulously tested.

How dare they say that the Earth does not rotate around the sun! Even in ancient times Copernicus, Plato, Aristarchus and Yajnavalkya (who was probably the first to theorize this) all agreed and modern astronomy (including space travel back it up 100%)

Anyone who denies the facts is a bloody ignoramus!

traz64 said:
I'm trying to get sent to Japan for work just to go here.
Just do it traz. Go, go, go to Japan, you will have the time of your life. You may (like me) find the language and customs a bit difficult, but there are many English speaking Japanese who are ready to help. They are generally lovely polite and honest people.

Just one tip, never speak on your mobile phone when travelling on a Japanese bus or train, this will get you into a shit load of trouble (dunno why, but it's considered very rude, just the way it is) LOL
Stealthbird97 said:
I got blocked by a flat-earther on facebook.
To be entirely honest, I was not in the mood to argue.
What to say.....why do you even bother to read such threads?
Kiho said:
What to say.....why do you even bother to read such threads?
The funny thing was, the Facebook thread was completed unrelated. This person randomly posted on a news article about that driver who got fired by driving through puddles and splashing pedestrians.
Kiho said:
What to say.....why do you even bother to read such threads?
Ahhhhh. Good ol Monty Python. Such a shame Graham died...

Stealth might be like me in that, when he sees people being stupid or wrong, he feels compelled to say something. I consider it a personal flaw when I can stop myself from replying to such people, but I never try to argue with them. I simply wish to correct or inform. If they get an attitude or try to shoot me down, that's when I take the high road and make them look like an idiot even further because, hey, I'm not the one trying to fight a stranger on the internet.

It baffles me how clueless people can be sometimes. Just the other day I was watching a YouTube video and one of the guys in it was talking about some podcast he listens to. He mentioned the name of it, but a couple people in the comments still asked what the podcast was called. So I POLITELY told them what he had said.

Anyway, look at these clouds. I took those yesterday in a parking lot.
I found the short in the wiring to the kitchen cook top.I did a ratiometric measurement to estimate the distance from the end and start chipping into the cement it was within 10 cm of my measurement.....unfortunately it was under a pair of stiff water pipes so I had to remove a lot more tile and cement to excavate down to the wires. I hope never to have to work with this plumber again (This is not the only issue we have had with his work). Well it is a relief to locate this.
I broke the hard drive controller (a SAS HBA) in my "new" server yesterday.

Server all set up, transfer 3TB of files onto it. Need to install fibre card now.

My Diabolical NAS

I was trying to get my Fibre Channel Card to work, for some reason it wouldn't detect in the BIOS, so I was powering it down, swapping the PCI port and powering on to try and get it to work.

Then I forgot to power it down and just pulled the hard drive controller card out, and while there were no sparks, it just doesn't detect at all anymore. Not even in another computer.

I find out that the reason the Fibre card wasn't detecting was that I didn't completely power off and unplug the power cable. :S

So now I need a new SAS HBA. Luckily have been able to find one which will do the job on ebay for a relatively low cost.

Luckily it's all ZFS, so I just need to get new card and plug in hard drives and no data is lost.

Hot so hot like so many days before...ugh.
The cute guy came and "fixed" our air this morning. He reminds me a bit of Tommy. He's called Noah. Very sweet fella.

Anyway, he said we either need to replace the whole thing or just get out of here. Because it's going to break again and he doesn't want all of our belongings to get burnt up.

Oh, oh, and a super autistic kid say "Hi" to me today. It was nice. But his dad apologized to me for it. That poor man was really...on the edge.
Got back from my work trip 2 days ago. Wound up with 31.9 hours of overtime so I'm looking forward to my next paycheck.

On e thing that really stood out to me during this trip was how much the military is profiting off of the drug war. The majority of the contractors working on the ship were ex-convicts working for next to minimum wage in terrible conditions with no job security. One of my coworkers got a contractor fired simply because he didn't like him.

Otakon this weekend so I'm left with only 3 days back at work (one of which I'm stuck in training). I've got to get everything done that I was supposed to do last week in that time.

Went on a date right before going on travel with a girl from OKCupid. She was extremely boring person and we have nothing in common so that's unfortunately not going to go anywhere.
OMG it's so hot here in Tokyo, one of the worst heatwaves ever. I don't have air conditioning in my little rented apartment, so I spent my day at a local swimming pool, which was packed with others trying to escape the heat.

Only a few days left on my visa and flight back to Australia, where it's winter. I have loved my time here, but the heat over the last few days has been so oppressive, actually looking forward to going home!
Today is International Cat Day - Tonight we will celebrate with sushi for all (well, sushi for us and Sashimi for the kitties).