Feel what you gotta feel. Listen to your feelings, it could be telling u something. Maybe something needs to happen to satisfy your heart, whatever that may be, and the power of doing just that is inside of you.
I don't know about that. A lot of it is anxiety related, but I'm causing my own anxiety.
There's a tropical storm that'll probably turn in to a hurricane coming this way and it's got me worried.
I will do what only I can do: *hugs you*

Edit: and yeah it’s been real thundery
I like thunderstorms. Those are fine.

Being hit directly by a category 3 hurricane is a lot different.

I hope it turns a little and veers away from us, even if it's just enough to only scrape the Piedmont. The governor's already declared a state of emergency.

I don't wanna lose my home and all my shit...
I went to disney world and got a sombrero :3
PrincessBLARITY said:
I went to disney world and got a sombrero :3
That’s really cute. Disney world is really fun!
Ah Disney World.
Someday a wanna go there too.
But I don't know if I can stand all the Mikey Mouse mascots.
Went to the gynecologist today. Good news is my blood pressure is down and I'm not getting fatter. Might've even lost weight. Iffy news is that I have to take a different type of birth control now.

I also got a flu shot.
What's a flu shot?
A flu shot is an injection of a selection of killed influenza viruses or synthesized sections of viruses from the strains for which people are most likely to be infected during the coming flu season. This is supposed to prime the immune system to the real thing. However the most prevalent strain this year is expected to be H3N2 and the vaccine has proven itself to be only 25% effective against it and overall 36% effective.
I just got it cuz it was free and I haven't had one in so long I can't remember.

I wasn't gonna tell the lady she COULDN'T give me one.

I've never gotten the flu, so....I probably would have been fine without it.
I've felt like shit most of the day, which I guess is nothing to complain about. It was mostly my fault for not eating. I went and saw my great uncle, Uncle Dickie, who recently "lost his mind". They put him in a care facility for now. Hopefully he can "recover" enough to go back to his apartment. But my mom said he was living in filth, so I guess she'll have to fix that too. Somehow. I was worried he wouldn't recognize me anymore, because he lost his mind. But he knew it was me. That made me happy.

Tomorrow I'm going to a funeral for another great uncle, although this one is only by marriage. He was my...mother's aunt's husband. I didn't really know him at all, but from what I've been told he was very cold and controlling. My great aunt actually seems glad that he's gone. I feel bad for her too. But it's good that she's not sad, at least.
There's an owl living around here now. I've been hearing it the past few evenings/nights. It's a great horned owl. We have bats too. I love watching them fly around. They're so flappy.

More on topic, my foot has been fucking killing me, I went to Big Lots where they were doing an "everything's 20% off just for today sale", I went to the Mexican bakery, my internet's been shitty all weekend, aaaaaaaand I've been really moody and hungry when I know I'm not really hungry which is super annoying.
How would you react if an owl went inside your room and started to cuddle with you (I know this sounds unrealistic but I’m still curious)
I like birds, so I wouldn't mind.

Birds are my favorite.
It's 2am and I'm shopping for Hanekawa Tsubasa merch while flirting with Tumblr sluts and listening to gangsta rap.
Somehow my life hasn't changed since I was 17.
otaku_emmy said:
I like birds, so I wouldn't mind.

Birds are my favorite.
How about noisy birds? Cuz those are bird I can NOT STAND. Gladly my dumbass dad was cleaning their cage outside one day and accidentally forgot to close the cage door when he was getting something so they flew out.

And what would you feed it? Worms?

Cade said:
It's 2am and I'm shopping for Hanekawa Tsubasa merch while flirting with Tumblr sluts and listening to gangsta rap.
Somehow my life hasn't changed since I was 17.
XD I mean are you on good terms with your lifestyle?
One of these diabolical motherfuckers hopped on me, on my bare skin, in my own bed, in the dark last night and I fucking lost my mind. I accidentally broke one of his legs off and it was laying on my sheet and it was fucking vile. And then my mom got pissed at me because I got freaked out and asked for her help so then I cried for at least 30 minutes or so (I was crying about different things). I didn't get to sleep until after 4 AM because of this. The thing retreated to under my bed so I was terrified it was going to touch me again if I laid down.

Omg I laughed so hard at the end XD

And omlll I hate those things too.
Normal crickets are so much smaller and cuter, but by god I've never heard of the "spider cricket". They're freaking huge, and instead of chirping to attract a mate they literally put out STINK.

My internet's out again. Going on...34 hours now.

otaku_emmy said:
My internet's out again. Going on...34 hours now.

I would rather say pathetic.
My day has been bad and good. My WiFi is on right now, and I can only hope it stays that way. Which isn't how that's supposed to work since it's service that you pay for but whatever.

Hurricane Michael made it's way through my state today. It wasn't a hurricane by that point, but it did end up making the power go out and more flooding happen.

The fucking weirdest thing happened while I was sitting at the old computer desk though. A dang skunk was running across the edge of our yard and through the field connected to our property. It was running through that wind and pouring rain as fast as its tiny little legs could carry it. In the middle of the day.

I hope it got somewhere dry and safe.
*sighs* So I went from having internet that wouldn't work to now having a laptop battery that won't work.
Just about every night now for the past week there's been something, like, smashing in to our trailer or beating against it or hitting stuff under it and it's really starting to freak me out.
Went to see a Broadway show yesterday, Rock of Ages. It was fantastic, they managed to take all these old rock songs out of context and build an entire play around them. Somewhat simple premise, but the imagination it must have taken to put it all together was amazing, and the singers/actors nailed it.

Kinda funny getting in though. There was a bag check at the entrance and they made me dump my water bottle out. Didn't say anything about my CCW+reload, 4in fixed blade and full blown IFAK plus 2 tourniquets I keep in my bag, but heaven forbid I take free water inside. Gave me a lol.
Over the last few days I have been watching the fourth Invictus games in Sydney Australia, so inspiring!

Ex defense personnel from around the world who have overcome physical and mental trauma compete and demonstrate new found athletic abilities as a way of coming to terms with the drastic and tragic change in their lives.

Invictus was started by Prince Harry The Duke of Sussex ... who served in the British Army for ten years, including two tours of duty in Afghanistan, he witnessed first hand the effects of war on soldiers, sailors and air force personnel.

These ex-service disabled athletes show deep campadre with other competitors, no matter what nation they come from, they all served and show empathy with each other.

Invictus is literally the Latin word for un-conquered. Despite multiple amputations and severe post traumatic stress disorders these ex military people are re-defining their lives.

This makes me proud to be a human being!

The Invictus games are now 4 years old, the first held in London, then Orlando Florida, then Canada, and now Sydney.

A girl told me she liked my shirt today. It made me very happy.

Never underestimate even small acts of kindness.