Finally found out what Bad_Apple means in reference to Touhou...

Awesome vid...Too bad it took me so long to come across it...
LOL! The vid had ~600 000 view before CNN found out about it. After CNN broadcasted the news regarding the vid... 1 month later you find it with 1 500 000 views. Now it's over 2 000 000.
Jeez USA ... how can you be SOOO stupid... "It's made from over 5000 frames..." ... I mean... that's super amazing to you? Go make an anime and see how amazing THAT is... jeez... all you know is real movies, which ... can be cheaper than anime movies.
Seriously USA ... how low can you get?
Wait did CNN broadcast bad apple in the US?
Space saver mode ON!



Dunno, but SWF should be able to scale indefinitely. They are akin to SVG. I once upscaled one from it's 10px default to at least 300px and it was fine.

YT predates it by only 3 or 4 days.
Nope, not true SWF: it pixelates on upscale. Then again, I don't think I've never seen an SWF with smooth body movements as shown in Bad Apple!! I don't think SWF vector graphics support motion transformations that fluidly, if at all.

It's probably a video in an SWF container.
It is actually. Didn't read the comments.

Ookami-san 105 and Strike Witches 204.
Good times.
Ookami-san - 5,7
SW - 2a, X1, 10
Are those grades?

Ookami a 5.7? and SW a 10? (Let me guess, the mass load of fanservice after that onsen ep?)
Take a look at the images, there the number of the image you want vectored.
I wanted to do Ookami-san 7 anyway. The eyes will be easy!
O yeah, dumb me..
SciFi said:
The eyes will be easy!
Ha, no doubt.
Need Ookami 104 5 D:
I'll try doing it if you are not.
That? It'd take two or 3 hours, not including breaks.
I did post #80480 in about 2.5hours
SciFi said:
That? It'd take two or 3 hours, not including breaks.
I did post #80480 in about 2.5hours
I lost my practice, it would take me at least 2x.
AKB48, smexy yuri vid

This is how my day looked, kinda. >_>
Please tell me you were one of the cat girls. :D
Yeah, I'm a trap in that vid, try and find me. =D

I do have a pair of cat ears, but I believe I said that some time ago. O yeah, and I also got a pair of thighhighs now, which I remember also saying before.... Sooo I could kinda dress up as a trap. But my legs are not made for that.
*What if I was* ^_^

Is it strange to be jealous of the cute cloths girls can wear xD?
I'm kind off jealous...

If somebody, by any chance is seriously interested in how I look.
Since I've posted myself on Sankaku, konachan can't hurt.

--> The first picture on that page, posted by Artwork (DUH~) is me, with my 'stuffed' buzzard.

Oyeah, I would be a master in disguise if I could dress myself up as that girl.. I am way to tall for that.
If you look back in the friendly topic you'll see me. I do kinda get jealous of the amount of cloths girl can wear and still look normal, yet guys are very limited on what we can wear before we look either gay or nerd or in other words not normal.
Great, you made me troll through pages 1 to 26 just for a picture.. at 2am! That's fucking awesome.

I'll just quote this, and fix it a bit up;

Cuda, if I saw you walking down the street, you'd be the last person I would think to be into anime......then again it would surprise me. 'Something about gangsters', since I know nothing about gangsters, I wouldn't actually think they're into anime. More like if I told such a person down here I am into anime, they would shit brick, laugh at me, and then KO me.
Fixed a bit much. But anime down here seriously is hidden from the masses, let alone, the people who don't go with the masses.

O yeah, most of the people I know do laugh at me, since I like anime. Since people down here only know Pokemon, you're pretty easy considered childish and sad for watching anime.
(made it a bit more fitting for the myday thread, b4 we deraill)
Enough people already look funny at me when they hear my Japanese music (Usually got my volume on max if I'm out) and my headset is open, so everybody can enjoy.
A lot of my friends know I'm into anime and poke about it sometime, but they know I can take them out of they go to far. But I don't know what you mean, back when I play'ed a lot of Blockland you didn't talk about something like anime or cute catgirls.
You can almost consider it a taboo here, if that explains it better.

Tho it's getting more popular//
The problem is the stereotypic view of anime. If people would take the time to look at it's more then just catgirl, loli, and tentacle rape.
Yeah, I totally agree.
I've tried chaining my friends down to watch an anime episode.
But they're viciously against it. I certainly don't know why, it has so much good. One of my friends failed this years grade, just because his English sucks. If he would just take a few minutes of his time to read something with lets say english subtitles, I'm sure he can improve. Ignorance, I seriously can't stand it sometimes.

You know, the first thing they say here onces you mention anime is ;What? Hentai?.. Everybody knows hentai..

I wouldn't even care if they start to watch something like Naruto, just to get their fucking attitude straight. It's not something for little childeren, well sometimes, but certainly you wouldn't let a 8 year old watch Elfen Lied, or Clannad.

I'm gonna call it a night. C u tomorrow peeps.
Artwork said:
but certainly you wouldn't let a 8 year old watch Elfen Lied, or Clannad.
I sure would. Hell when they hit 12 or 16, I'm going to give them a virus safe pron site, since if they turn out anything like me, I rather give them one, then they search for them selfs and get a killer virus on their computer.
Haha, 'Your future thread' =).
Not that I'd say they should start watching 'pron' or something.
But yeah, I'd guess I rather have them browsing one which is save, rather than a virus flooded site.