Gregol said:
sheesh! I think I just learned a new point of view from my own words!
So did I but I doubt it was the same. I'll make it absolutely to the point to avoid confusion. "Morality is just another script but its a lot harder to understand the purpose it has, but in the end its just a method for the same person with the same drives." That's what I personally got from that.

This would mean indeed that what has morality or not is quite pointless because its asking why someone runs a script / set of functions. Obviously to complete tasks like you just mentioned here:
Gregol said: Morality is critical for the entity to have a measure of which choices are "bad"/harmful and which are "good"/beneficial.
So its a segmentation method for reward functions! Long term planning and prediction modelling. This actually matches the proposed "human basic needs" pyramid with this (morality being at the very top and food/water at the bottom). This is getting more and more intersting by the second >_>.

Why they focus on THOSE tasks (Survival?) is the real question then?

I'm going to be quiet and think now before I rant about this for hours and confuse the holy bajeebus out of everyone using this area as a notepad for my train(s) of thought. (Which will also cause a mess in the thread which obviously isn't going to help anyone either)

Definitely a keeper this one Gregol. Let's continue on this later shall we?
*pokes SK7000* And you ^_^