Hmm... so now you are trying to discuss morality? I don't have too much to say on that, so I'll just be brief.

Why focus on survival?
This is like gravity: an unknown required to exist.

Likewise, the innate traits and impulses on all living beings exist for a very simple reason: to preserve life and pass it along to the next generation. If it were not that way... well, I imagine any species that didn't follow that plan went extinct rather quickly.

Our base programming is based on instinct and self-preservation. Looking at the now to maximize our survival rate.

Why do we need morality?
Morality is the higher-level system that we build on top of our instincts in order to be more far reaching. Our biological preservation system is limited to deciding what is best for us here, now. Morality looks towards what is best for us in general, for the long term.

It is not as apparent and that's why it requires years of building, testing and refining.

Can it be moral to impose decisions on the ignorant?
There is no right answer here. Or rather, the only right answer, as with pretty much every question, is "it depends on context". The key issue here is how can you know you have the right answer? Example of wrong while believing you are morally right.

A much more difficult scenario: preventing suicide.

In the end, imposing a decision on others is morally right depending on what focus you are giving to morality. It's moral to look for the benefit of the whole, but it's also moral to respect the free-will of others. When both concepts are pitched against, I imagine the answer then is not so obvious and it's a per-case decision.