People went on really crusades when they wanted treasure, or to reduce population, but I see what you're saying.
"With good intentions is paved the way to hell."
my own opinion on imposing decisions

BTW, survival:
We all know that humans in particular can be self-sacrificial and even suicidal, as long as it doesn't go against their morals, and sometimes when it does.
Like I said: IMO "morals" are a build up on the survival instincts for intelligent things, but they are not a given; i.e. they are not necessarily present in every intelligent being.
That would explain why there are as many "justices" as people.(why everybody has different morals)
Because, if you think about it: all animals and non-animals have the same survival instinct(namely:don't die), don't they, but people can have completely opposite morals, or none at all.
Also, you don't see animals going against their survival instinct often(if they aren't protecting their young), but humans can live with a guilty conscience most of the time(and people can risk their lives for no apparent reason).