i like to believe that life has no specific "purpose" or rather it's only purpose is life itself. In other words to continue life. I see in nature that creatures are born simply to give birth. In our youth we are provided for so that we may later provide for our young.

This purpose leads me to believe that every thing we do should be to create a better future for what comes after us, be they our own offspring or our species as whole.

for the reasons above i also do not believe in morality. i feel that the guidelines of survival itself provides us with reasons not to do evil. Survival is easiest while functioning within a group. If i do wrong against said group i am then left alone, whether that be actual removal from the group or simply losing their support within the group. My reputation will be ruined leaving my offspring to also be disadvantaged by their association with me. Perhaps it is improper for us to associate the faults of one man to any who are associated with them but sadly this is how humans seem to function, just as the Chinese continue to blame the Japanese for the happenings of a war which took place several generations ago.