Mnessie said:

You are in NO way in control by voting. That's just the illusion of control. Follow the money follow the crime.
voting is only a small part of democracy, when i say throw out the bad, it can literally mean that. And of course the problems i listed above with us as individuals is the main flaw in democracy.

Democracy is surely a failing system, but only because it fails to account for human short comings. Democracy as a system assumes that a majority of people know what is the right and what we need as a nation. Sadly we know the average man and woman are not this way. Now that i'm done defending it, time to bash it.

In our real world i often refer to democracy as possibly one of the worst systems, particularly in a multicultural setting such as Canada where every group has it's own opinions and prejudices. Politics here are much like what's going on at the UN on Syria. Because of the split in opinions nothing gets done, ever. Even if it does it's a half baked compromise that pisses everyone off. It is the least efficient of systems. i would personally prefer a dictator such as Hitler just for the fact that shit gets done. Now of course best case scenario the dictator is not a bastard.

another flaw in democracy is that as i said before most people are stupid. I can never put into words more clearly what i mean than this comic.