Mnessie said:
You do of course realize that statements like that could use a little objectivity and nuance? Besides being unfriendly in nature it also weakens your point as it obfuscates it by oversimplification. Having a dictator can be a topic by its own rights. And for all not so objective readers the results are obvious.....

From my point of view its monkeys in trees flinging their feces at one another in which we always find some reason to have something against other people. It doesn't really matter whom we call king...a man the people or a god. We'll just keep flinging like we always do and the only thing that changes is the targets.
i never said a dictatorship was good, i just said it got shit done. though i do feel that getting something done be it right or wrong is better than nothing. Consider this, under hitler's rule prior to ww2 Germany went from being in a depression to being one of the most prosperous nations at the time, new technologies were developed, new infrastructure built, it got shit done. At least in an area where there is no particular right nor wrong it gets things done fast. In democracy the same issues such as new highways or funding for research would be debated on for months if not years because one group thinks that money and effort should be put into something else they want.

by no means is a dictatorship a great system, i just think it is marginally better than democracy.

@foliff: perhaps we cannot buy the people, but even better yet we can sure as hell sell ourselves to them. Democracy is all about marketing. it's one big popularity contest, and just like in highschool the kid that knows what needs to be done to improve the school will be over shadowed by the kid who bring in shorter fridays and pizza parties at the student council elections. We don't need to buy them, they will buy us.