Aw, and here I was ready to give my two cents into the whole democracy vs dictatorship discussion.

Even though, my two cents aren't even my own, it's just the comments of other people that I've read about, and which I've come to agree with (I personally don't think that much on economics or politics, not my cup of tea).

My views on dictatorship

My views on democracy

Which one is easier to fix?

However, the topic I was really thinking about during my seminar these last few days is: artificial happiness.

This topic was brought up twice recently. To set the context, let's assume that there's no afterlife, souls, or anything like that to deal with, and we are just biological machines.

Emotions as chemical reactions that can be controlled.

Would it be wrong somehow to have pills that can set our mood to whatever we wanted? A way to be always blissfully happy as needed? Is it okay to manipulate our feelings like this? (and who says we aren't doing that already when we cheer-ourselves up?)

Would it be ok to become happiness-junkies?

If you could control your emotions on a whim, would you?

My own opinion.

Or that's what I think.