SK7000 said:
If you could control your emotions on a whim, would you?
In use of any alteration there is a need for discipline in the user to maintain what was to be maintained and remove what has to be removed (e.a. change/alteration).

I can enjoy a few drops of whiskey for a whole evening while others feel the need to chug down a liter a day. Obviously I do this for flavour and enjoy the taste while the other group enjoys the numbing effects of alcohol. Methods can have mulitple effects and changes and it us to the user to be rational about them and up to society to eduacate the masses to be able to make such a rational choice or limit those that can not.


The morality behind the questions asked by SK7000 I'm missing here. What is the big question being asked? If the answer was supposed to be binary than, Yes.

We have made this point about it before If I recall correctly I believe we managed to agree that experiencing happiness and understanding/analyzing it are linear independencies.

Considering this could we also consider forced happiness to then be self-destructive? Or would we able to make a method of some kind in which we induce happiness directly as experience by isolating that area specifically and disabling the rational component to have such an effect in the first place?

I would be interested to understand your views better and for that I believe I need to know exactly what the parameters of "induced" happiness involve.