I like it. That pretty much sums up my view on the purpose of life. As i mentioned a page back, life's purpose is only to live. We survive just so we can generate more life. beyond that our actions have no purpose. Surviving for the sake of survival.

as for your call on sociology and philosophy, all semantics i say. Is the very concept of a government not a philosophical topic? The very idea of putting a person with the same flaws and limitations as any other man in charge of a group of men is in many ways ridiculous. But i do agree we did stray pretty far from the philosophical side of it so i do agree to move on from said topic.

here's a new topic for you:

Are Security and Privacy two things which are mutually exclusive, or do they have an inverse effect upon the other?

I personally believe that the two function much like a seesaw. There can of course be a happy balance, however i always find folk who demand privacy then complain of the lack of security in regards to the things they choose to keep private.