Survival isn't even very important. Not if someone doesn't want to survive. It's not so easy sometimes. There's a lot of pain that people hide. Pain that keeps someone from really knowing another person.

I like what Mnessie said, but I'm sure he feels it's not about his words being liked or disliked. As for me, I have no philosophy. Not one to live by, anyway. I lead a wretched life, and I serve no purpose. Only to help someone emotionally every once in a blue moon.

People should do what makes them happy. They should occupy their time with the things they like. If someone is truly in need, they should be helped. If someone is sad, they should be made to feel better. If something is wrong with someone, they should be fixed. If they can't be fixed, they should be protected and as comfortable as they can possibly be.

But the things that can be helped with nurturing and care and love and affection are limited.

Security and privacy. Security is for prisons and celebrities. No network is completely secure. And privacy does not exist on the Internet. No matter what you're promised.