I don't have a blog either, and don't feel like making any.
Glad some of you joined in =).

Tensa, good going lol. At least you got some lunch money out of it.

Cuda, that's pretty hot. I still remember last year down here, soo bloody hot. But now it's like like 59 F here, and raining all day.
Messed up climate? maybe.. Tho I don't like heat, so I won't complain.

GreenHorn, I guess that's a song? Spoiler = name of song?
Sometimes you just have those days which you can describe as a song ^^. Tho my artists usually make some fantasy songtexts.
Takida and The Red Jumpsuit apparatus can deliver some tasty stuff tho.

My day just got started, woke up with an anime episode from Abenobashi Mahou Shoutengai, together with a glass milk and some sort of cornflakes, which I hadn't had in ages.