flandre_scarlet said:

pokemon hg ? on pc ?

how do i download it ?
Eeehm I don't know if /you/ can download Heart gold, but maby torrent's have them. I pay for a news server which is ten times or more faster then some random torrent, and doesn't rely on seeds and peers. Found a torrent, give it a try. /Wuts wrong with the spoiler thingy/.. I hope it is the good patched version, others tend to fail.
If you got a DS at home, with something like an R4 card, you could put it on that, but I suppose you don't.

There are emulators, but I'm not up to date about them.
=Seems like DeSmuME is the best up to date= Here you go link
Anyway give it a try, I'm a pokemon noob, but I can appreciate it onces in a while.

O and you can use a add on (if your on firefox) like Download them all, didn't try it with kona tho.

*Can you only add 1 spoiler in a post>?*