Xtea said:
Ah yes, the Seikon No Qwaser DVD bonus feature, right?
I love Aya Hirano's role as Ekaterina. She's such an amazing seiyuu.
The Qwaser specials are...odd...The Ladies VS Butler ones I couldn't care for (if they had more Saikyo I'd be more willing to give a damn: she's the only one I actually like, even if she is the sadist/pseudo-yandere.)

Hirano Aya does awesome work with characters that have 2 distinct sides to them. She can flip back and forth quickly and fluidly.

Pettan, pettan, tsurupettan...

I prefer B-cup and below...C I'll willing to work with, but that's my limit. D-Cups and above are too big and unwieldy, I think: seem more flabby beyond C's. (And lord knows how horrible it is for the girl herself. I know a 4' 10", give or take, girl who's a horseback rider with C-cups...She has back problems...)