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Thread of Shame

User Record Index

Main index for all user records created on Kona. 99% of content is ban reasons or warnings.

You'll see the occasional POSITIVE record here if you dig around enough. Somewhat rare, but those do exist.

Deleted Image Reason Index

Main index for deleted images and the reason they were deleted. You can ignore the "Unapproved for 3+ days" (or equivalent) reason since it's a site policy to help keep the site manageable and trim. Every else should be fairly specific reasons.

Also, normal users (i.e. non-staff) can't see the name of the staff member (or user/member in the case of self-deletions during the first 24-hours of pending status) who deleted the image. You guys can make a game of guessing the staffer based on the reason amongst yourselves ^_~

The above 2 items are actually located under the MORE Menu of the main tool/menu bar for anyone wondering.

Reason for this thread:

Suffice to say, this is to help users learn from the mistakes of OTHERS before committing the SAME mistake themselves. That, and to make a spectacle of the stubborn fools who INSIST on not adhering to site guidelines and policies for those who have been kind and courteous enough to actually follow the rules here. (Need to entertain the law-abiding citizens here somehow, no?)

This thread will also be used to highlight the:

Anpan said:
[...] "Idiot of the moment" [...]
... by staff as they see fit.

REDACTED (19/01/13 @ 2345 UTC)
This thread is:

STAFF-USE ONLY of 19/01/13 @ 2345 UTC.

Notable Highlights:

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User Record Histories

User Image Deletion Histories

forum #32029
forum #32154
forum #32159
now he's gone and done it <_<
Well it's about time they did this, I just hope new users will actually take the time to read it...
Well, what I'm hoping to have published here is just publicly available info. (It's on the site; you just have to dig a little to find it.) I'm not a fan of publicly publishing private communications, even if they are *BLEEPS*.

On the other hand, if we truly wanted to be vengeful assholes, we could publish IP addresses. I've been tempted with a few IP bans, but my sense of morality prevents me from doing so. *shrug* Though I'm pretty sure a few users caught in the crossfire of mass IP block (up to 2^16 addresses) bans would LOVE to have the IP of the *BLEEP* who singlehandedly caused one (or more) entire ISP-level subnets to get banned. We've banned whole countries before because of retards.

Still, we'll see when it comes to Dmails. I do have a few choice ones I was tempted to publish before. I did talk to Shuugo about those, but that's upper management reasons for sharing the issue. If I did publish private Dmails to this thread, I'd at least redact the username. I'm not a complete asshole (though sometimes the internet tempts me...)

As for the link Davis included: If you're gonna bitch about something, have the decency to know how to spell and have proper grammar. I can't even allow "criativity" to be chalked up to a simple typo: "i" and "e" are not close enough on a QWERTY keyboard to readily believe that. My respect for people who can't even do that (or don't even try) plummets quite a bit. Also, opening a first time meeting/message with sarcasm and cynicism is a sure-fire way to get someone to dislike you off the bat. First-impression = I shouldn't believe anything you say.

If you supposedly have intelligence, try to communicate with it, not your ego or laziness.
Stahn, don't you think a different title might be more appropriate?
I mean if I was a new user on Konachan, I wouldn't exactly good to something named 'Thread of Shame'.
Something which explains the context better? Something more simple like: 'Konachan Rules', 'Guidelines and Reason'.. Or something? Though it's not like most idiots would look at any of these threads anyway.
Nice to see this thread coming to life... I will be greatly amused by this, even if it kills me ;D
I think the title is just right. It's exactly the kind of title that very low intelligence users may look at since they might smell the chance to laugh at others and feel superior to others of their kind.
Artwork said:
Stahn, don't you think a different title might be more appropriate?
[...] Something which explains the context better? Something more simple like: 'Konachan Rules', 'Guidelines and Reason'.. [...]
And what did you think the thread called "Site FAQ/Guide" is for..???? ^_^;

Also, half the main rules being broken are accessible (if not staring at you) from the relevent locations they apply to (basic upload rules on the upload page; Comment Guidelines linked right next to the POST button.)

Lastly, the title does reflect the contents of the thread. If I have to write more than a simple phrase or two for a reason in a user ban/warning or image deletion, that user seriously fucked up.
I actually went and looked at all 41 of my deleted posts, most being they shrunk to a below ratio on uploading (Which still happens, much to my annoyance.), or was unapproved 3 days.
It looks so, terrible. :x

But on the publicly posting dmails for everyone to see I found funny. I admit to wanting to see more. XD
It could be a good thing to hold over their heads.

"You want to end up in this thread? <link>"
Great idea. Makes me glad I am responsible. I read just the other day someone calling an uploader an idiot for flagging a post for deletion for reasons of skewed coloring.
StahnAileron said:
I'm not a complete asshole (though sometimes the internet tempts me...)
This is remarkable. If somebody with as much integrity and self-control as Stahn gets tempted at times, what is the hope for the majority of the internet populace who don't have that type of self-control?

The internet, bringing out the worst in people since the 90s.

EDIT: Fixed the date of corruption.
More like late 90's when it got widespread. In the 80's, it was still mostly under academic control.

And I still need to spit out nthe initial list as I noted in the first post. (Been lazy/pre-occupied.)
Initial list added to the first post. Also...

Some Dmail quotes:
SUBJ: hey perv
these guidelines are a little strict, none of the pictures i find are within the damn guidelines

Kinda suprised to see a regular on the list. I guess that stuff also happens.
I got banned for 3 days for posting trollish/offensive/spam comments and went through a period of depression and anger. I'm over all that now but I'm still confused as to which comments exactly got me banned. I don't want to keep making the same mistakes I did in the past and I don't want to get on Stahn's bad side any more than I already have. So if possible, can you please refer to which type of comments you guys consider trollish/offensive/spam so that I may not repeat my same mistakes in the future? I'm one of the earliest members of this site and I hope to remain a part of Konachan for years to come if allowed.
It amazes me how many people will complain about the rules instead of just going to a different site. We aren't holding a gun to your head, forcing you to come here. Ah well, that's life I guess.
Senakysam said:
It amazes me how many people will complain about the rules instead of just going to a different site. We aren't holding a gun to your head, forcing you to come here. Ah well, that's life I guess.
I've said something VERY similar to several users in the past.

Agos said:
I don't recall the last set of comments that made me finally breakdown with you, but they were made about less than hour (mybe even just minutes) before your ban was invoked. It was 2 comments back-to-back on 2 different posts. If I recall, you were trying to directly insult previous commenters on those posts. I've deleted other similar comments from you before, I believe, but they were rare and few between previously. Plus I was giving you the benefit of the doubt due to your activity level and overall seniority on the site.

FoliFF said:
Kinda suprised to see a regular on the list. I guess that stuff also happens.
We're fairly deferential to those that have a good, long track record. We still have limits though. Good deeds and actions aren't like savings you can stock up on and splurge in one shot to make up for a major fuck. No one (save Shuugo himself) is completely immune. Shuugo for sure would even punt my ass or any other staffer if they started fucking up.

And you guys haven't seen the IP bans yet... Unfortunately, the system doesn't keep a full history of IP-level bans we do. (We still have the User bans because they also get recorded as User Records.) It's sad when it gets to the point when you need to ban 3x 2^16 IPs because of ONE person.

And there are the users who INSIST on ban evasions. Sad things is the utter LACK of ingenuity when creating the new account or with behavior on the site. Though granted, we do get a spambot running through here sometimes, so it's username generation algorithm is gonna be fairly predictable. But still... Come on... A human should be able to do better than a fuckin' spambot.
Reminds me of when I made a duplicate account back in my first month as a user. The reason seemed fine at the time but after it was deleted I thought about it and realized how pointless the whole thing was -3- I gave it pretty much the same name as my first account because I was still new to the internet and didn't know there would be a problem. It didn't last a week. I've always wondered why that didn't go on my record....

There are some pics in that account that I forgot about. It's kinda nostalgic o3o


Can people not read...????

Facebook said:
Hey, could you say why am I banned? T_T ? 'You have been banned: If you're reading this, you may blame User #44956 (kuku23) for invoking a region-wide ban.

This will expire in 4 months.' is what I get when I try to enter ..
Emphasis added.
He can read, he just can't comprehend. This is almost facedesk material.
Ah, yes. That is true. Almost forgot about that. *sigh*
He may have been asking what Kuku23 did to get him banned, but worded the question too generally. Worst case, he may have interpreted it as Kuku23 working to ban him specifically, though that misinterpretation would be his fault for not reading carefully.

(just me throwing him a bone.)
Well, this is the "caught in the crossfire" effect we get due to morons like kuku23. Neither I nor Shuugo like banning entire IP blocks, but if a user is known to hop IPs for some reason (school/work vs home, public WiFi access, multiple devices, etc.) we don't have much of a choice. We're not gonna IP ban morons one IP at a time.

I've done that during my fight with a dipshit troller from Venezuela not very long after I first acquire admin rank and DB access. I was playing Whac-A-Mole with the dumbfuck for a good week or so. Fortunately he was an utter moron of a troll: similar usernames (it's bad when you can ID a user based on how they FORMAT their usernames...) and did the EXACT SAME SHIT with each post in regards to uploads and tagging. (Uploaded like half a dozen versions of the SAME IMAGE.)

Then you get idiots like this:

EMAIL said:
  • SUBJ: Ban error?
I DEMAND you unban me, I promise I won't troll at all...even when it gets too boring.
I have NO CLUE who that user was, but yeah, like sending that to an admin would release you from a ban even if we knew which account it was (assuming there was even an account to look at).
Okay, so I'm gonna hi-jack this thread for a side thing I've been wanting to get out. It is semi-related to the actual topic at hand, though, sorta.

User Attention: C4R10Z123GT

All posts by this user are to be scrutinized closely for quality concerns (mainly upscaling). [Currently banned]

While I'm at it...

User Attention: feiyuelisky

I've been wanting to properly replace the uploads by this user with proper quality ones. Most of them are rescales with shitty compression. Users are encouraged to help out.

I think I'm gonna start calling out users who catch my attention enough to warrant me doing an upload history review on them. Users who are willing and interested are encourgaed to help with either locating the originals and adding the proper source links OR helping to replace any offending posts.

NOTE: this is a good way to get on my good side (assuming you don't manage to mess up somehow in the process. Good intentions will only get you so far and I'm willing to hand hold you so far as well.) It's also a nice why for you to increase your upload/deletion ratio or redeem yourself if you happen to be on my bad side for whatever reason. (Dunno about other staff members.)

For helping out, the most I can ever offer at this point are POSITIVE USER RECORDS as rewards (beside the aforementioned side-effect in the preceding paragraph.)

If this somehow manages to work out well (which I'm actually kinda doubting), perhaps I will continue it. Staff are encouraged to use this thread for this purpose as well to warn other staff about recurring troublemakers to be on the look out for.

Let the experiment begin!

New user to point at: [REDACTED]

EDIT: Extenuating circumstances.
User profile link removed.
I'd like to point my finger at the user Epicnessss. First offence, but I especially liked the deep and intelligent comment he made on post #146796, which was "wtf lol".
I've noticed one guy where three of his comments were all the same. "cool ^^"
Lot a people don't have much to say, really. They view simple praise as a useful comment, not realizing the artist will likely never see it (and if you favorite it, you obviously like it). My favorites are still the one's who say the image is "awesome" right after changing their avatar to that image.

Something I found humorous: deleted a pic the other day for being a duplicate. The kicker is, the uploader had commented on the duplicate 2 days before, so he knew it was on the site already.

Uploaded post in question: post #147040. Commented on post: post #142217
User chastityH has wrongly edited out important tags from PAIIS's uploaded image post #146574 and added an unrelated tag to the respective image.
As you may check in the history of said image.

Although there are only two edits in total by said user, I suggest punishment for the simple fact of knowingly removing important tags from one image and adding a tag that is unrelated to said image. Thus the incapability of said mind.
I have a feel I'll end up here one day........