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It escalated and the user actually came back after a 1 year ban. I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, but they get no misses this time. I'm killing the account if they fuck up just once.

Deleted comment:
howls-hollows said:
Can anyone help me deactivate my account please? D:
I just do not want it anymore, I am trying to clean up my email and I
need to get rid of this account. So if you could please help me,
it would be greatly appreciated.
This is NOT how you try to get shit accomplished. Spam a blatant Upload Guidelines violation to bring attention to a request for an account deletion?


My ire has been raised. Just to spite this [censored], the account will stay on the site and this post will be use for its posterity.
my own shame >-<
i accidentally created a new tag because i mistyped by tagging
;_; shame on me
so i want to ask where i can undo it
by pressing edit under the image and edit the tag, either to the correct one or remove it.
SkeevaLp said:
my own shame >-<
i accidentally created a new tag because i mistyped by tagging
;_; shame on me
so i want to ask where i can undo it
If the new tag has no posts under it, the system will remove it on it's own during intermittent sweeps. No big deal.

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Don't think we don't double check account data.
A few months ago, in an immature and not-very-me mental state due to my own weakness and circumstances outside of Konachan, I made an error of judgment and committed a slight intentional abuse of moderator power out of vengeance.

In the main channel of the Konachan Discord chat, where Tensa has (or at least had at the time, I haven't accessed it recently so I'm unsure if this has changed or not since then) the primary moderation power, I had been spamming this image (heh), mostly to be obnoxious. After some warnings I was kicked from the channel by Tensa, which - although I didn't like - I understood as perfectly reasonable given the situation.

But upon my return I noticed that some other cosmetic features that had been applied to my presence there - a colored name and a short message which is displayed when hovering one's mouse cursor over a person's name in the channel member list - had been removed. Later on I realized that they were most likely removed automatically with the channel kick, but initially I believed that Tensa had removed them to spite me, and so concluded that if he intended to do such a thing with his moderation power there, then I would do likewise here.

So... I deleted (and quickly restored) the image which he had registered as his avatar on Kona, thereby replacing his avatar thumbnail with the default.

A minor deed, perhaps, but I've always disliked abuse of power... So I'd like it to remain here in the Thread of Shame not just as a confession but also as a reminder to myself and others to Kona responsibly. =)