Cuda007 said:
We're talking about a subject we talk about a lot here. :D

Small cute breast > gigantic breasts.

ill choose small cute breast ^^ cause gigantic breasts sometimes not too good to see hehe

arty said :


*Agrees with rargy*

Lets somewhat get it on the rail again.

Got my last exam in about 2 hours^^, too bad its a pretty difficult subject for me (Science). But onces that is over, my long awaited holiday is welcoming me with open arms... Lets just hope I pass this year <_<..

*votes for small cute breasts* xD.
ull pass just believe it ull pass sensei xD

see ! Vote for small cute breasts ! YEAH ahahaha

tensa said :


I vote for C, D, E, F and G cups.

Anyway... I'm sick.. I have a feever, I have indigestion -> diareea.... my head hurts... so I have a damn bad day...
i still dont understand what those letters represent to ?
whats the different ?

get well sooon tensa ill pray for you :)