Did I state that I was scared? I just don't like them, not when I try to sleep. And I aint scared of them biting me, just don't like the thought to eat them =). I've got spiders big as my hand palm crawling around in summer, no longlegs, but big fat ugly giant black spiders. I once went to bed when it was glaring right above my head, at first I thought it was just some stain on the sealing, but turning on lights said something different.
Even if you hit them with a metal thing, they won't die. Yes those do scare me, dady longlegs are like tiny nuicances which should just disappear. Maybe I should let my bearded dragon lose in my room, he tends to like spiderwebs and such, so if he eats the spiders, great.

Btw, tyvm Mythbusters for the daddy longlegs experiment. ^^

ps; I've had a rat in my room 2 times, not that it was fun, but still wasn't as bad as imagine myself eating spiders.