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Donations February 2009
January was really though and I barely could pay all the bills with the credit of my bank. Now I've used all the credit and have almost nothing left to eat.

This should be only this month. I started working the beginning of this month but I don't get the paycheck until the 7th of next month or so, even though the first paycheck will be to pay all the credits and stuff and leave me with not much more than necessary.

So there it comes that shitty time. At least in the last 12 months there was only 2 donation campaigns including this one.

<campaign ended>

Backup server bill was a surprise I though I paid it, and there's bandwidth overusage this month too due to site becoming slowly more popular. More than 11 Terabytes have been transfered for the last 30 days.

Oh I almost forgot, ads gave 0.88USD of revenue. Thanks to whoever bough through the link, but it's probably going to get removed by the end of the month, I hate having ads for almost free.

If you want your nick to appear on the list, and get donnor status dmail me your paypal transaction id.

Thanks for your support. seems to be down..

Also, where were the Amazon ads? I saw the ads you had up before them but never saw these.
You can't access pledgie? :/
It works now. Donated.
rargy said:
It works now. Donated.
Thank you as always :3
You didn't see ads because of your donator status seems. System automatically filters them out.
List of donors until now:
rargy - 25USD
washiiko - 25USD
makaan - 5USD
Unknown - 15USD
infinitehippos - 30USD
Thanks :3
As I said the last few times: I'd love to give you a bit more but I'm a bit short on money, too.

I hope I can spare you more sometime soon.
i have no paypal account
is there another way?
sheel said:
i have no paypal account
is there another way?
Nope, other services cost too much.