Well I managed to land in the top 4% for the Girls Frontline event. There were a lot of rank snipers towards the end though. Shame I wasn't able to stay in the top 100, but 5% gets me all of the rewards that top 100 gets minus a few gems. I just wanted the bragging rights. Fun event though, now to get ready for combat Fairies and Deep Dive ranking event.
Mobile games have taken over my life.

Games i play multiple times a day: FGO, Azur Lane, Dream Girlfriend, Animal Crossing

Daily logins: Granblue, Epic Seven, Destiny Child, Fire Emblem, and 2 JP FGO accounts

I tried Girls Frontline but it never became a daily login and i forgot about it for several months.
Sadness overwhelming.

Here I'm only doing Azur Lane and Girls Frontline. And I'm already overwhelmed.
For me, it depends on my mood. If I am so lazy to open my desktop or laptop, I start playing on my smartphone. Lately, I like to play browser games, it's fun and simple to enjoy at any time. Just try and you'll love it http://iospace.games/