Okay nevermind then.
Maybe I just looked wrong or something.
Post #277762

Why is it obvious when she is sitting on a pane?
The angle is too harsh. I know she's supposed to be sitting upright but the rotation has her almost totally horizontal.
Hm, okay.
What a pity.
Post #277865
The original is bigger bc I cropped it. Not cropped is like this:


But I don't think we need this version then.
It's kinda just negative space though. Usually scans are much bigger than the originals but aren't as sharp so we keep both. But that one just seems to be purple bars.
That's what I though too.
Okay then.
if any moderator also agree that it is upscaled, if so undelete post #258847, the same with
post #263961 and post #263914
post #206162 and post #205034
Upon closer inspection, you are correct.
Post #278455

Could a mod please undelete it?
Just forgot to remove the loli tag (copy paste them from a other side..) and it started to delete it itself. But she isn't a loli I would say
loli Tag removed.
Thank you, dear.