Then kill off the wasteful.

Here I'm living off % off almost expired products. Kill the consumers, that way nobody can complain. In other words, starve the market. No problem, you see. Bitches will bitch.

A person can live healthy enough with two apples as dinner, two sandwiches as lunch. Y'all just so used to consuming yourselves fat you couldn't comprehend the simple idea of eating modestly.
Eating bare minimum of what it takes to function is a slave diet. Shove your apples up your ass.
otaku_emmy said:
Lots of people say we'll all HAVE to start eating bugs because we won't be able to sustain our livestock market the way we currently do. But I'unno.
If it got to that point I’d try to find some sort of yummy edible thing in the wild and slather the bugs with that. Or what the hell am I talking about might as well kill another bigger juicer animal.

But chu know im gonna be dead if I attempt that XD

and Tensaaa, ur missing out all the fuuun
They're shutting down G+ in ten months. RIP.

Now I need to post more to get rid of the 3100+ images I've collected since that's the only SMS I post shit to. XD
Google+ had a major data breach in their API and google did not feel it was "beneficial" to alert their users, let alone report it to the authorities. Google+ never was able to compete effectively with facebook, instagram, vkontate.
And yet they're going to try to market it to companies as an inter business way of communication after they get rid of all normal users.
what does "inter business way of cum" mean?
Ughhhhh homework sucks. And the worst part is that I take a quick glance at the assignment and already give up bc it just looks too hard. Idk. Just feel like complaining.
It's simple enough. Know the chapter of which the problems originate from? There you go, you've got your answers!
Lol thanks. I was just going really insane that day. But things are more clear now. I also had a conversation with my teacher and things are more clear now.

Like when I see something that LOOKS big and unfamiliar (Key word: looks) I immediately give up and choose not to do the work and feel like asking the teacher questions. But in reality, I should actually READ the frickin assignment and at least TRY (this happens only with my science homework really. Gosh I got a D in that class)
What would the battery of the human body be? The brain or the heart? Or something else?

I can't figure it out.
I THINK it would be the heart cuz the heart is what keeps the organs running, while the brain is just… well it gives us senses and awareness, but I GUESS if we didn’t have a brain… we can be living beings that feel and perceive nothing due to no brain? This is just based on what I know I’ll have to do som research
I know that the brain is what tells the heart to beat and the rest of the bodies systems to do what they do, but that sounds like more than a battery to me.
more than a battery? I guess it’s the charger then, and the heart the battery? LOL…sleep is the REAL battery
I think heart might be battery. Heart can be replaced like battery or charged like battery. But brain need more work. Brain more complex and more complicated.
The brain is like electricity. And if I’m not mistaken I remember hearing sth like the brain has some sort of electricity that runs thru it.

Except for me. I run on buffalo wings
otaku_emmy said:
What would the battery of the human body be? The brain or the heart? Or something else?

I can't figure it out.
The Mitochondria provide the body's energy source.
Kiho said:
The Mitochondria provide the body's energy source.
Man, I remember when we had to learn about all that stuff in biology. I actually liked it, even though it was hard memorizing all the different parts.
otaku_emmy said:
What would the battery of the human body be? The brain or the heart? Or something else?

I can't figure it out.
The fat is basically a backup battery.
Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.
YouTube broke
RyuZU said:
same here
It's worldwide, apparently. It's causing quite a stir, understandably so. It's already been around an hour. YouTube has only said that it's being worked on and that they're not sure what the issue is yet.

I hope it's nothing fatal.
it's working now
The angry mobs have receded quietly back in to their homes. XD
Lol I thought the world ended. But yeah it works for me too now
Oh no, I just overslept this dramatic moment!
BattlequeenYume said:
Oh no, I just overslept this dramatic moment!
By three days none the less.