Nope but thanks for that lit food for thought Emmy, lol
otaku_emmy said:
...Ya'll ever thought about how "placid" has one C, but "flaccid" has two...?
How about the fact that the word Queue is just "Q" followed by 4 silent letters :3
otaku_emmy said:
...Ya'll ever thought about how "placid" has one C, but "flaccid" has two...?
Thinking about your sex life Emmy?
traz64 said:
Thinking about your sex life Emmy?
Eyyyyyyyyyy he's got jokes! XD
Hope you make it through alright Charly. Hopefully time to focus is all you need.
Sorry, can't make up any words. At least nothing more than "Thanks Tommy".
I still have those crap HDDs that you sent me!

Gut sein, Charly.
Those HDDs were top notch back in the days. And remember, you got 200GBs for as much as ... oh wait, you didn't pay a single penny :D
Happy Thanksgiving, guys.
Hey i am late by a day but yeah happy, already past but that's okay, Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates it :3
I confidently pick my nose in public. BUAHAHA
Stephen Hillenburg is dead, and that makes me genuinely sad.
First Stephen Hawking then Stan Lee and now Stephen Hillenburg, this world is falling apart.

Don't explain. That was rhetoric.
Ok, so I just had an idea: wouldn’t it be soooo cute if instead of thighighs, we had glitterhighs? Like thigh highs with glitter? Or even better: WE CAN LIKE, KINDA GLUE THE GLITTER ON THIGHS TO GIVE THAT THIGH HIGH LOOK, BUT INSTEAD ITS GLUED ON GLITTER?? OMG
Sounds too messy. I'm sure there's holographic/glitter fabric out there you could make such thigh-highs with though.

...Yep, there is.
I'm not into glitter though.
That's more degenerate than being a weeb. You realize you're sounding like a spoiled princess that's going to ruin their parents lives because they're unhappy about the car they bought them? Yeah.
BattlequeenYume said:
I'm not into glitter though.
I prefer either solid colored ones or, like, "kawaii" pastel printed thigh-highs. Nothing shiny or too fetish-y.
Me too Emmy :3

There was a time when 90% of clothes was full of glitter.
It was a bad time for me. A very bad time.
Hey yall does anyone know if there's an option on discord where I can change others nicknames for me? If so, how do u do it?
It's weird when there's, like, a really fucking hot dude and he's all butch and manly and everything and then you look him up and it turns out he's 100% gay. Shit's crazy.
Ooops awkward. :x
I've been watching a lot of Hallmark Christmas movies lately, and they tend to use the same actors and actresses. Anyway, there's one fella they put in a lot of the films named Luke MacFarlane and I've been crushing on him, but it turns out he's gay.

I guess you tend to forget that not all gay men fall in that effeminate "YAAASSS QUEEN" mold.
Not all but at least the most I would say.
And in your dreams he could be bisexual anyway. :3
I already have two crushes and one solid love. I don't need any more silly feelings flowing through me like that. XD
But it's nothing you can really decide. ^^
...That's very true, Yume. Lord knows that if I could change who I loved things would be easier on me.

I guess, when those feelings are real, they never really go away.
Why do I feel like I know who you’re in love with…
This is the best cat video I've ever seen.