This is veering into Philosophy Thread territory now =), so I'm taking it here to say my piece...

Freenight said:
A sadist is a sadist, whether or not he/she requires a masochist to turn the solo into a duet.
onisonfire said:
i recognize the right of free love, which covers just about any urge or fetish, but that doesn't mean literally everything is permissible ya know, especially w/o consent :< i know its just a dream, but non the less...that is fucked up man >:O
I value individuality and absolute personal freedom quite highly, so although I might not do the things Freenight is interested in and I might try to discourage others from doing them, perhaps even directly interfering, I will never try to convince somebody that they "cannot" do anything. Quite the opposite. My recommendation that people believe they are free, feel free, and act with that total freedom in mind, extends to all people without bias or exception. And I will admire anybody who tries to exercise their freedom over the objections of others who want them to be less free.

Furthermore, I have my beliefs regarding the nature of existence, specifically that all people are infinite at their core, without any sort of restriction other than that which they apply to themselves or consent to taking upon themselves, and have access to literal full control of themselves which is never lost, only hidden if they have a hand in hiding it from themselves. In other words, nothing can "be done to" somebody, because all people have the ultimate authority over their own existential entity in all its aspects, and can always override any outside influence by choice. If it seems otherwise to somebody, then I believe they are just confused, for example by fighting against a larger part of them who is making a different choice. And it makes sense to me that people would be responsible for themselves, too. Therefore I believe that all people who have entered under the set of restrictions some of you might think of as "humanity" have done so by choice, and whatever "befalls" them - due to their imposing the illusion that they can "have things done to them" upon themselves - is their responsibility and theirs alone. I'm holding individuals accountable for their own choice to brainwash themselves into believing they are puny mortals - Freenight isn't responsible for that.

And finally, I have a touch of interest in sadomasochism myself =D, both sides of it =), so I can appreciate his interests from that standpoint as well~