oh i should have posted here i guess...anyways yeah minabi i feel you, i mean i'm all into this stuff also, and obviously two people CAN do whatever they want between themselves but thats why this issue is hard to pin down - nobody wants to tell someone else they can't do something when we all have our own dirty fantasies lol.

but BDSM kinda stuff is DEFinately playing with fire. with that in mind i would never want to see someone truly victimized through it.

and yeah at a certain point its like, you are free to do anything. all i ask, and this goes back to my original statement to Freenight, is that you do so in a truly positive and loving manner, in a way that values the human spirit. deriving pleasure from killing someone... nah man that's like some nazi crap, maybe just a smidge more compassion would do wonders for the bdsm sesion anyways lmao