onisonfire said:
... BDSM...
Here's our snag. I am not thinking in the terms of BD, DS or even SM. I want to hurt people. I wish to carve them as one would carve a meat, except while they are alive. I wish to draw blood, gnaw on bones, step on nerves, trod upon dignities, break wills and release the souls. After I have derived enough pleasure from the persons of course.

I need no assurance from my victims that I am hurting them, save for the blood, tears and screams. I don't need to know, nor care whether or not they want to be dominated. I wish to see the tears flowing down from their eyes. The hate, defiance, revulsion, fear and more as I look into their eyes. I wish to listen to them scream, to see their lips dried, hear their voices cracked after too many screams.

The letters B, D or M have no part to play in my desires. I don't even care about the S, but a sadist is one who derives pleasure by inflicting pain, and that fits me to a T. Do not think of BDSM when you think of me. It is not a relationship of trust and bonding. There's me, then there's those on the receiving end of me. Nothing more, nothing less.

Human beings
It doesn't matter what terms you apply. Call us whimsical bags of flesh and wind or arrogant overlords, if such takes your fancy. In minabi's words, such things don't have any ultimate meaning.